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Compact Battery Chainsaws

Positive Power. Made by STIHL

When you think of chainsaws you first think of STIHL and it’s no wonder, we were the ones who invented them way back in 1926. Every chainsaw we‘ve made since has set the benchmark for performance, quality and reliability. Our new compact battery chainsaw is no exception. It’s a real chainsaw that delivers real-world cutting performance. It’s lightweight, easy to use and is fitted with STIHL safety features. Like all STIHL chainsaws its chain is Swiss-made in our specialist factory. STIHL chain cuts faster, cleaner and stays sharp for longer. This compact battery powered chainsaw is the result of 90 years of constant development, ground-breaking innovations and real world application, by generations of forestry workers, farmers, arborists and STIHL fans across the globe.

Model Price
MSA 120 C-BQ $339.00 *
MSA 120 C-BQ including battery and charger $459.00 *
MSA 140 C-BQ with AK 30 and AL 101 $549.00 *

Prices valid from 1/7/17 to 30/9/17.
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