Selection High-Pressure Cleaner Accessories
High-Pressure Cleaner Accessories

STIHL High-Pressure Cleaner Accessories

With the STIHL accessories for High-Pressure Cleaners, the range of possible applications is greatly extended. Versatile solutions to make your work easier. Buy Better with STIHL.

Model Price
Standard Filter $26.60*
Water Filter $45.00*
Spray Lance Extension $41.40*
High-pressure hose coupling $66.50*
Angled Spray Lance $73.30*
Long Angled Spray Lance $115.60*
Spray Lances $115.60*
Surface wash brush $84.20*
Flat textile hose with holder $103.70*
RA 82 Surface Cleaner $71.90*
RA 101 Surface Cleaner $115.60*
Foam nozzle $81.00*
Suction Set $105.60*
Rotating Wash Brush $126.50*
Cleaning set for RE 98 - RE 128 PLUS $136.50*
Wet Sandblasting Set $169.30*
Rotating Wash Brush for RE 163 PLUS $285.70*
Spray Lance with Rotary Nozzle $189.30*
High-pressure hose extension $169.30*
High-pressure hose extensions $355.00*
Pipe Cleaning Set $169.30*
Pipe Cleaning Set for RE 163 PLUS $233.00*
Fan Jet Nozzle - 30° $30.25*
Fan Jet Nozzle - 60° $27.50*
Nozzle Protector $2.80*

*Prices are valid from the 1/9/19 to 31/10/19.
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