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All STIHL oils, lubricants and chemicals are formulated to help deliver the highest levels of protection against wear. Buy Better with STIHL.

Model Price
Mixing bottle --.--*
Silicone Spray --.--*
Multi-purpose grease --.--*
ForestPlus chain oil --.--*
Heavy duty gear lubricant --.--*
Superclean Resin Solvent $14.00*
Multispray --.--*
Special cleaner --.--*
Pouring aids for chain oil $17.50*
SynthPlus Chain Oil --.--*
BioPlus Bar & Cutter Lube --.--*
Heavy Duty Plus chain oil --.--*

*Prices are valid from the 1/12/19 to 31/12/19.
STIHL stores are operated as independent businesses. The products described in this website may not be on display or available at each STIHL store. STIHL reserves the right to change pricing at any time without notice.

** Price on request from your STIHL Approved Dealer

The version(s) available in each country may differ from the above range and specifications; specific details may be subject to change without notice. Please ask your local STIHL Approved Dealer for further information.