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Technical details

Chain pitch9,32mm/3/8"
Drive link gauge1,6mm/.063"
Bar length40cm/16",45cm/18",50cm/20",63cm/25",71cm/28",75cm/30",90cm/36"
Number of drive links114 Tg,1640 Tg,410 Tg,60 Tg,66 Tg,72 Tg,84 Tg,91 Tg,98 Tg

High cutting performance and fast sharpening

The STIHL 3/8" Rapid HEXA full chisel chain will help you to achieve a high cutting performance thanks to the innovative tooth shape and narrow kerf. The new, innovative chainsaw chain from STIHL is a good choice for professional forestry workers and professionals working in the agricultural sector, as it's possible to fell and prune trees more quickly with your STIHL chainsaw.

The advantages of this saw chain come into their own particularly when it comes to cutting wood fibres.

The STIHL Rapid HEXA chain is based on the patented, exclusive STIHL HEXA system. This means that the shape of the HEXA saw teeth and the HEXA file are directly attuned to each other, allowing you to sharpen the saw chain quickly, easily and precisely. Not only can you saw more quickly, HEXA also ensures that the chain remains sharper for significantly longer. The HEXA system prevents filing in the drive links and connecting links and minimises the risk of chains breaking. The system enables occasional users to achieve a virtually ideal sharpening angle when sharpening. This ensures that the STIHL 3/8" Rapid HEXA chain will enjoy a significantly longer service life.

Offering high-quality cutting thanks to its full chisel tooth, Rapid HEXA saw chain ensures that you can always cut cleanly and precisely with your chainsaw. This means that you can efficiently use it with chainsaws such as the STIHL MS 462 to fell trees and cut up thicker bushes. Thanks to the low vibrations, you can position the chainsaw precisely and guide it safely through the wood.


Only the HEXA file can be used to sharpen the HEXA saw chain.


Rapid HEXA

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