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The powerful STIHL GHE 355 multi-shredder is ideal for shredding different types of garden waste. The BRS blade rotation reverse system gets the job done in no time at all. Using the rotary switch, you can quickly adjust the blade unit to suit the shredding material you are currently working with. When set to turn clockwise, the STIHL GHE 355 sandwich-style blade system shreds woody material such as branches up to 35 mm thick into small wood chips. When running anti-clockwise, the blades reliably shred soft plant waste into valuable compostable material. After composting, you can then benefit from valuable organic fertiliser to use in your garden. The soandproofed feed chute of the GHE 355 electric shredder feeds even cuttings with side shoots into the sandwich-style blade unit featuring additional blades and tearing prongs. The wide wheelbase of the GHE 355 shredder ensures easy transport off-road and helps the power tool stand securely in place during garden maintenance work. An electromagnetic safety lock prevents the GHE 355 electric shredder from accidentally starting-up during maintenance work, for example.

  • Powerful multi-shredder
  • For quick shredding of branches of up to 35 mm and cuttings
  • BRS turning technology makes it easy to adjust the blade unit
  • Large feed chute for easy filling
  • Easy to transport thanks to the wheel kit
  • GHE 355


    The pictures shown are sample photos. The actual appearance of the equipment features and their specific attachment to the product may differ from the pictorial representations, but will have the same functionality.


    Technical details

    Max. branch diameterup to 35 mm
    Rated power2200 W
    Rated speed of sweeping attachment2780 r/min
    Rated voltage230 V
    Cutting attachmentMulti-Cut 355

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