Chopping firewood with an Axe with STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Champ Brad De Losa

How to use an axe

Travelling the world with STIHL Timbersports is an amazing experience, but when it comes to chopping firewood I like to keep the physical exertion for the main stage. Here are my handy tips to help you chop like a champion and keep the family warm this Winter.
As always, make sure you're wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment and please follow the correct operating instructions as recommended in the owners manual of your axe.

How to use an axe step 1

Step 1

Place the log on its end on a flat, even surface. I like to use a larger log as a chopping block to make it easier.

How to use an axe step 2

Step 2

Stand with your feet slightly apart, start with the axe resting on the top of the log exactly where you want to split it.

TIP: Start in line with the grain, or at a visible crack. This will lessen the effort required to split the log.

How to use an axe step 3

Step 3

Lift the axe directly over your head and swing down trying to use your whole body and legs to create power.

TIP: Do not swing over your shoulder as this could cause the axe to scoop off and miss.

How to use an axe step 4

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 until the log is split into manageable sized pieces to fit into your woodstack ready for your fireplace, pit or stove.

How to use an axe step 5

Step 5

Stack your cut pieces evenly to let the wood dry properly.

TIP: Proper firewood storage is important. Stack the logs so that air can circulate between them. A woodstacker adds a nice feature to your Winter garden and protects your firewood from the rain.

Always wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment and follow the correct operating instruction as recommended in the owner’s manual of your product.