STIHL DuroCut cutting heads

STIHL DuroCut mowing heads

STIHL brushcutters and clearing saws are among the most popular power tools in the STIHL range, with their benefits including the wide choice of cutting heads that extends their performance across different materials to be cut.
Extending that choice of cutting heads still further, new STIHL DuroCut heads will be a popular choice, as they can be very easily filled from the outside with cut lengths of line, including a new extra tough serrated line that comes ready in pre-cut lengths.  This makes them ideal for both occasional and professional users – the former wanting simplicity and the latter demanding speed when re-filling their line head.
Filling DuroCut heads is a simple and quick task, with no more dismantling heads or need to wind-on long lengths of mowing line. Instead the user pre-cuts the mowing line to specified lengths, and then feeds it into a sleeve where it is clamped secure and ready to get straight to work.  Each of the new DuroCut heads can be fitted with two mowing lines; the larger DuroCut 40-4 can use four lines when fitted to STIHL's powerful clearing saws.

New 4mm diameter round mowing line

Another addition to the brushcutter mowing line range, the DuroCut 20-2 and 40-4 cutting heads can carry a new, wider 4.0mm diameter round mowing line.  Coloured a distinctive dark green, the 4.0mm line is available on a 32m reel so users can cost-effectively cut their own lengths, and in both a smooth round and special ‘quiet' grooved profile.