Preparing Chain

Preparing chain

Before you start sharpening your saw chain, you should make these preparations.

When must the chain be sharpened?

The best chain will wear and dull with time. If any of the following occurs, it is time to sharpen the saw chain:
  • The chain does not take itself into the wood, it must be forced by pressure on the motor unit for cutting.
  • Smoke appearing despite intact chain lubrication and proper chain tension.
  • The section runs in one direction. This points to one side or unevenly blunted.
  • The chainsaw rattles when cutting.

Preparing Chain

Tightening Chain

Straightening teeth

Clamp the guide rail

Wie finde ich die passende STIHL Sägekette? How do I find the right STIHL saw chain?

You have two options.

Sägeketten schärfen Prospekt Chainsaw Sharpening Brochure

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