Before you start your chainsaw

tip 1 Safety tip 1 - Always wear the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Before starting your chainsaw make sure you are wearing the right Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Safety boots - to protect your feet and increase stability.
  • Chainsaw chaps or trousers are a must - If the saw chain accidentally comes in contact with the chaps the fibers clog the saw chain to bring it to a complete stop, wearing them does not guarantee 100% protection but they may prevent a serious injury.
  • Gloves – Offer hand protection from splinters along with increasing user comfort. Some gloves even offer cut protection material in the rear of the hand for added safety.
  • Safety Glasses – When using a chainsaw wood chips and dust will be thrown around. You've only got one pair of eyes so protect them.
  • Safety Helmet – these protect you in 3 ways, the earmuffs protect your hearing, the helmet protects your head and the visor projects your face from flying debris.
  • This is what we always recommend you should wear to operate a chainsaw more safely.