Before you start your chainsaw

tip 3

Safety tip 3 - Safety checks

Check 1 – make sure your chain is sharp

  • A sharp chain cuts faster. The chainsaw is easier to control and takes less effort to use, making it safer.
  • A quick way to sharpen the chain is with the STIHL 2-in-1 sharpener. (link to sharpener)

Check 2 - Saw chain is correctly tensioned.

  • Having the saw chain tensioned correctly makes cutting faster and safer and is better for the longevity of your bar, chain and sprocket.
  • When tensioning the chain. It should be tight enough to touch the bar all the way around and not hang off the bottom, but not so tight that it restricts the movement off the chain along the bar.
  • The STIHL Quick Chain Tensioning system makes tensioning the chain easy and tool free.

Check 3 - Chain brake operation.

  • Think of the chain brake as the handbrake on your car.
  • By engaging the chain brake the chain will not spin.
  • Always check it before you start your chainsaw. In the forward position the chain brake is on, pull it back towards you and the chain brake is off. Always start your chainsaw with the chain brake on.
  • Always engage the chain brake when you are not cutting and especially when you are moving around with your chainsaw.
  • The main purpose of the chain brake is to stop the chain instantly if it ever kicks back towards the operator.