Chainsaw Safety

heading safety week

STIHL have teamed up with Interlink Training to put together our top safety tips when using a chainsaw.
It's better to be safer, for further information on chainsaw safety including personal protective equipment, advice on correct chainsaw maintenance and important tips on how to safely use your STIHL products visit the experts at your Local STIHL Dealer.

Check out STIHL's 9 Safety tips, Your safety is our priority!


safety week video Watch STIHL's Safety video

Helmet, Ear protection,  Eye protection Head, Ear and Eye protection

Protect your head from falling objects with one of our safety helmet sets. Whether you're working in construction, on the land or in the garden at home, always protect your eyes and ears.

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gloves Hand Protection

Each tool is only as good as the hand guiding it, protect your hands with STIHL's High-quality work gloves with cut protection, windproof and waterproof.

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chaps Leg Protection

Reduce the risk of harmful injury by always wearing chain saw chaps or trousers.

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