1920s 1940s
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First portable chainsaw

STIHL presents its portable petrol-driven chainsaw at the Leipzig trade fair.

STIHL exports

Andreas Stihl travels to Russia and the USA and exports STIHL's tree-felling machine in considerable numbers.STIHL provides work for 51 men and women.


First importer

The Defries company in Milan is the first importer with whom a business relationship is established.


Stihl's patented chainsaw

The company A. STIHL MASCHINENFABRIK in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt is awarded patent protection in 1932 for its 3-link patented saw chain with cutting and raking teeth for more efficient chip discharge.

Training by STIHL

The first apprentice starts his training with STIHL.


Automatic chain lubrication

Chain and guide bar are automatically lubricated by an oil pressure lubrication system in the handpiece.


Bow saw BBÜ

This special-purpose saw is used in mill yards for cutting tree trunks to length.


Centrifugal clutch

The centrifugal clutch ensures that the saw chain is automatically advanced as the engine speed increases.

Papermill purchased on the Rems rivert

Andreas Stihl buys the papermill in Neustadt (Waiblingen) on the river Rems - today's head office (plant 1)


Two-man saw BDKH

The two-man petrol-driven chainsaw has a light aluminium alloy cylinder with chrome-plated surface. The machine weighs "only" 37 kilograms with a power output of 7 HP.

STIHL grows

STIHL's workforce grows to 251 employees.