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One-man petrol-driven chainsaw BL

The world's first petrol-driven chainsaw for a single operator (16 kg) is equipped with a manually adjusted swivel carburetor allowing the saw to be used not only for bucking, but also for felling.

Number of employees reaches a turning point

215 men and women work for STIHL. From this all-time low in the company's postwar history, the number of employees working for STIHL gradually increased during the subsequent years.


Earth auger BL 241

An attachment transforms the chainsaw model BL into a planting-hole drill..


Two-stroke diesel engine Type 134

STIHL builds the two-stroke diesel engine to drive machines of every kind..

Petrol-driven chainsaw BLK

The first really light chainsaw weighs 11 kilograms. Its model designation BLK stands for Benzin (petrol) - Leicht (light) - Klein (handy, compact).

STIHL works choir

Singing together for fun. The STIHL works choir is founded. The STIHL Choir still has 38 active members today.


Forest combination BLK

The range of uses of a chainsaw is considerably enlarged by the use of attachments: clearing saw ("badger"), release-cutting saw ("marten") and thinning saw ("beaver"), post and planting-hole auger and the suction and delivery pump.


All-position diaphragm carburetor

It is only when equipped with a diaphragm carburetor that the chainsaw can be operated in literally any working position, e.g. for felling and bucking trunks, without first having to swivel the carburetor by hand.

Eva Stihl joins the company

Andreas Stihl's daughter Eva Stihl joins the company.Eva Mayr-Stihl was Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management and Vice President Finance, Controlling and IT until June 2002.


Petrol-driven chainsaw Contra

The use of power tools for forest work is finally established throughout the world with the advent of the STIHL Contra (6 HP, 12 kg)..


The 1950s - facts and figures:

Annual sales 1959

STIHL founding company


DM 17.6 million

Employees 1959

STIHL founding company