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Chainsaw 030 AV

According to the trade journal "Holz und Motor", the new lightweight chainsaw 030 with 3 HP power output is an "uncomplicated high-speed saw". It is eagerly used by professionals for limbing and thinning, as well as by DIY handymen.

1.5 million STIHL chainsaws

The 1.5-millionth STIHL chainsaw - an 020 AV - comes off the assembly line at a celebration attended by Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Economics Dr. Hans-Otto Schwarz on 15 September.

STIHL leads the world market

Twelve years after introducing the STIHL Contra, STIHL has become the most widely sold chainsaw brand in the world.


Throttle trigger interlock for chainsaws

The throttle trigger interlock which is henceforth installed as standard in all chainsaws prevents the chain starting up inadvertently.

since 1972

Orange and light grey are the colours of all STIHL powertools - worldwide.


QuickStop® chain brake for chainsaws

Triggered via the hand guard in front of the handle, the chain brake brings the chain to a halt within a fraction of a second of the machine kicking back.

Chainsaw 031 AVE

The 031 AVE is a "safety chainsaw" with throttle trigger interlock, QuickStop® chain brake, hand guard and anti-vibration handle.

Death of the company's founder

The company's founder Andreas Stihl dies at the age of 76. The company's management passes to Hans Peter Stihl (general partner) and his sister Eva Mayr-Stihl (managing limited partner). Gerhild Schetter, née Stihl, and Dr. Rüdiger Stihl are also limited partners.


Hedge trimmer HS 200

STIHL enlarges its range of garden care equipment with the hedge trimmer attachment for the 020 AV chainsaw.s

Handle heating for chainsaws

A switchable handle heating function ensures that the operator always has his machine under complete control, even in cold weather . Part of the exhaust heat is routed through the entire handle system for this purpose (Fig. 1).
(From 1978 onwards, the handles are heated electrically by means of heating elements, Fig 2).

3000 employees

STIHL takes on the 3000th employee.


Hobby chainsaw 015

The STIHL 015 is a chainsaw for DIY "hobby" users.

STIHL celebrates its 50th anniversary

STIHL commemorates its 50th anniversary with a big celebration


Master lever control for chainsaws

With the master lever control, the functions cold start, start, run and stop are operated safely and reliably via the handle.


FS 80

Already an indispensable machine for all professional garden and landscape maintenance work, clearing saws are now also being used by private gardeners. The FS 80 is one of the first brushcutters, as the particularly lightweight clearing saws are known. This machine can be equipped with a variety of cutting tools.


The 1970s - facts and figures:

Annual sales 1979

STIHL founding company


DM 556 million
DM 414 million

Employees 1979

STIHL founding company



New firms set up

Prüm-Weinsheim (1971)


Brazil (1973)
Wil/Switzerland (1974)


USA (1974)
Great Britain (1978)