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50th anniversary of the training workshop

The STIHL training workshop celebrates its 50th anniversary. In 1990, 186 young people, including 25 students from the University of Cooperative Education (Berufsakademie) are receiving training from STIHL in the parent company.


Compact™ chainsaws

The chainsaws for amateur users feature almost the same equipment as the professional chainsaws from STIHL: anti-vibration system, QuickStop® chain brake, automatic chain lubrication, electronic ignition system, lateral chain tensioner.

Saw chains with service mark

The new sharpening and wear marks on the chain teeth make it easier to resharpen the chain and to detect chain wear at an early stage.

Quiet nylon line for brushcutters

A spiral groove in the "quiet nylon line" prevents the unpleasant high-pitched tones which are produced when the nylon line rotates.

Special fuel MotoMix 1 : 50

The ready-mixed two-stroke fuel is largely free from such physiologically harmful substances as lead, sulphur, aromatic hydrocarbons and particularly benzene, which is considered to be highly carcinogenic. Its high octane rating (95 RON) ensures optimum engine performance and low fuel consumption.

Relay race

On 6 and 7 September, 36 athletes cover the distance from Prüm (plant 4) to Waiblingen in a 355 km relay race.


ElastoStart™ starter handle for chainsaws and power tools

Starting chainsaws and power tools is made very much easier, for the damper integrated into the ElastoStart™ starter handle absorbs the peak forces perceived as jerks when pulling the starter rope.


Since 1 July, STIHL holds 100 percent of the shares in the Austrian garden equipment manufacturer VIKING.
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Blower BR 320 L

With its backpack blower BR 320 L, STIHL introduces a low-noise blower which has been specially designed for use in areas where noise is undesirable, such as the gardens of convalescent homes. The blower removes fallen leaves and refuse from large areas quickly and economically.


Special saw 020 T

The special saw for tree service is handy and can be guided with great precision. It is specially designed for use in the treetops, for instance by tree service crews.

High-pressure cleaners and wet and dry vacuums

STIHL introduces high-pressure cleaners and wet and dry vacuums to round off its product range. The range includes hot and cold-water high-pressure cleaners for occasional users, the middle range and professionals. Wet and dry vacuums are similarly offered for both professional and private users.


Rollomatic® Light guide bar for chainsaws

The lightweight guide bar comprises two steel plates which are extensively cut out and the open areas filled with glass fibre reinforced polyamide, yielding a 38% reduction in weight.


With effect from 1 January, the companies ANDREAS STIHL in Waiblingen, STIHL KG in Dieburg and STIHL & Co. in Wil/Switzerland are combined under a newly founded holding company, STIHL HOLDING KG, with headquarters in Waiblingen.


023 L - the quietest petrol-driven chainsaw in the world

The model 023 L from STIHL is the quietest petrol-driven chainsaw in the world. Together with the electric chainsaw model E 14 C, it is awarded the "Blue Angel" ecology mark.

Quick chain tensioning for chainsaws

When working with a chainsaw, the chain becomes longer and must be retensioned from time to time. With the chain quick tensioning function, this can be done without any tools whatsoever, via a single adjusting knob. This extra convenience is first offered with the Compact™ chainsaw 023 C and later also with the professional chainsaw 026 C.

QuickStop® Super chain brake for chainsaws

First presented with the 036 C, the QuickStop® Super chain brake not only brings the chain to a halt in the presence of a sufficiently strong kickback by the machine and when manually tripped via the front hand guard, but also when the rear handle is released. The chain stops within a fraction of a second.

Cut-off machine TS 400

The TS 400 cuts through steel as easily as through native granite and is therefore a standard machine in the building trade, road construction, fire services and for technical maintenance personnel (THW).

Earth auger BT 106 C

The BT 106 C is the first earth auger in the world to be equipped with the QuickStop® drill brake for additional safety at work. If the drill jams in the earth, the drill brake is tripped before the operator loses control of the machine as it starts spinning due to being jammed.

70 years of STIHL

STIHL celebrates its 70th anniversary as a company and the 100th birthday of the company's founder Andreas Stihl. A street festival is organized for the employees on the site of plant 1 in Waiblingen.


Pole pruner HT 75 and special hedge trimmer HL 75

With their long reach, these garden care machines make it possible to service trees and trim tall hedges without leaving the safety of the ground.

STIHL AG is set up

Reorganization of the company: the shareholders in STIHL HOLDING KG set up the joint stock corporation STIHL AG on 18 November.


Special tank filler caps

New special-purpose filler caps for fuel and oil tanks are introduced for the first time on the model 029 and 039 chainsaws. These caps can now be opened and closed without requiring tools.


The 1990s - facts and figures

Annual sales 1999

STIHL founding company


DM 2230.9 million
   DM 987.1 million

Employees 1999

STIHL founding company



New firms set up

Italy (1990))
Japan (1990)
Czech Republic (1991)
Hungary (1991)


Poland (1992)
Mexico (1995)
Hong Kong (1995)
China (1995)


Vertriebs AG,
Switzerland (1996)
South Africa (1996)
Rumania (1997)


Argentina (1998)
Greece (1998)
Portugal (1998)