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Demand for chainsaws

Throughout Europe, STIHL chainsaws help to overcome the damage caused by the winter storm "Lothar".


Emergency rescue saw MS 460

The MS 460 from STIHL is the first emergency rescue saw designed to meet the needs of such rescue services as the fire service, technical maintenance personnel (THW) and emergency services.
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Hans Peter Stihl becomes Honorary President

In February, Hans Peter Stihl resigns his positions as President of the DIHT and IHK and is simultaneously elected Honorary President of both associations.

STIHL is 75

STIHL celebrates its 75th company anniversary with an official celebration in the Schwabenlandhalle in Fellbach on 22 June. Guest speaker is Dr. Werner Müller, Federal Minister for Economics and Technology.

Huge birthday party

STIHL celebrates its 75th anniversary with a street festival for the employees on the site of plant 1 in Waiblingen.


Catalytic converters for hobby chainsaws

STIHL now also supplies its chainsaws for occasional users and other power tools with low-emission catalytic converter.
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Distinction for Hans Peter Stihl

On the occasion of his 70th birthday (18 April), Hans Peter Stihl is awarded the Grand Cross with Star for Distinguished Service of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany by Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Erwin Teufel.

Withdrawal of the family shareholders

The family shareholders withdraw from the operative business and appoint a Executive Board of STIHL AG not related to the family. Hans Peter Stihl becomes Chairman of the Advisory Board of STIHL HOLDING AG & Co. KG and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of STIHL AG.

Honorary Consul of Singapore

Hans Peter Stihl is appointed Honorary Consul of Singapore on 19 September.
The Honorary Consulate for Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland is opened in Waiblingen.


4-MIX engine

The revolutionary mixture-lubricated four-stroke engine combines the advantages of two-stroke and four-stroke units: fewer emissions, lower weight, high torque.
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Distinction for Hans Peter Stihl

On 9 May, Hans Peter Stihl received the Hanns Martin Schleyer award in Stuttgart's "Neues Schloss".

Champions Cup in Waiblingen

The first STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® competition "Champions Cup" was held in Waiblingen - the STIHL headquarters - on 11 October. More than 3500 visitors attend the spectacular timber-felling competition.



The clever starting aid for compact chainsaws and light brushcutters makes it very much easier to start the machines.
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New anti-vibration system for chainsaws

The new anti-vibration system in the professional chainsaw models MS 341 and MS 361 ensures extremely low vibrations in combination with the new, particularly low-vibration Rapid™ Super Comfort saw chain.

STIHL expands in Switzerland

The first sod was turned on 14th April for the extension to STIHL & Co. (chain production) in Wil. In November 2004 STIHL & Co. celebrated the company's 30th anniversary.

Chancellor opens EWZ

The new Engineering Center (EWZ) at Waiblingen/Neustadt was opened on 23rd June in the presence of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.
During a tour of the new building the Chancellor was visibly impressed by the technology. At 40 million euros, this is the biggest single investment in STIHL's nearly 80-year history. .

STIHL safeguards jobs

ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG, Waiblingen, concluded an agreement with the Central Works Council on 16th July 2004 for the extension of the company's employment and site safeguarding contract until 31st December 2007. STIHL is thus safeguarding jobs in Germany.


MultiSystem - brilliant combination

The combination of MultiEngine and quick-change MultiTool can tackle lots of jobs such as lawn maintenance, soil tillage and surface cleaning.

Chainsaw MS 880 - the top performer

The top model, powered at 6.4 kW (power-to-weight ratio 1,6 kg/kW) is designed for tough demands and extreme stresses when harvesting thick wood.
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Cutquik TS 700 - a match for anything

Big on power, economical and environmentally friendly with the new design 5.0 kW two-stroke engine with stratified charging und long-life air filter system with a cyclone separator. For use with cart FW 20.

Hans Peter Stihl Honored

Hans Peter Stihl has been inducted into the symbolic "Hall of Fame". Since 1992 the German "manager magazin" has paid this tribute to entrepreneurs, politicians and unionists for their outstanding contributions to German industry. The award ceremony was held on May 11 in the Schlosshotel Kronberg in Kronberg/Taunus.

Inauguration of New STIHL Apprentice Training Center

The new STIHL apprentice training center at Plant 6 in Waiblingen was officially opened on July 15 in the presence of District Administrator Johannes Fuchs and Lord Mayor Dr. Werner Schmidt-Hieber.


Backpack blowers BR 500, BR 550 and BR 600 - award-winning top quality

Powerful STIHL 4-MIX technology, effective vibration damping and other details to make operation easier and more convenient. Awards: reddot design award and gold medal for innovation in the new product prizes at the demopark trade fair.
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Carving guide bar - great on bends

Excellent in tight radiuses, ultra-low kickback and durable - the optimum solution for tree maintenance and chainsaw wood carving.

80 Years of STIHL

STIHL celebrated its 80th anniversary with a number of events, including a street party for STIHL employees on the premises of Plant 2 in Waiblingen in July.

Inauguration of STIHL China

The new STIHL factory in Qingdao (China) was opened on September 15 at a ceremony attended by Dr. Bertram Kandziora (Chairman of Executive Board) and Dr. Peter Dürolf (Senior Vice President Finance and Human Resources).

STIHL wins second prize in state-run "Equal Opportunities in Business" competition

In the "Equal Opportunities for Women and Men in Business" competition staged by the state in 2006, the Waiblingen-based STIHL founding company received second prize in the large companies category. Minister of Economics Ernst Pfister presented the award to Dr. Peter Dürolf, Senior Vice President Finance and Human Resources, at a ceremony on November 14, 2006.

40 million STIHL chainsaws worldwide

The STIHL Group produced and sold its 40 millionth chainsaw in December 2006. Founded by Andreas Stihl in 1926, the company is today represented by its own sales subsidiaries and importers in some 160 countries. STIHL has been the world's biggest selling brand of chainsaw since the early seventies.


Hedge cutters HS 81 R/T and HS 86 R/T - for good results

A specially adapted gearhead for pruning (R) and trimming (T) and the cleverly devised blade geometry ensure best results in the shortest possible time.
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MS 280-I - the world's first intelligent chainsaw

Intelligent engine management delivers optimum engine power in every situation without manual readjustment. Ideal for lots of uses in agriculture, forestry and construction.

75th Birthday of Hans Peter Stihl

On his 75th birthday on April 18, Hans Peter Stihl was presented with the Grand Staufer Medal in Gold by Baden Württemberg's prime minister Günther H. Oettinger at the Stihl Conference Center in Waiblingen. In presenting the award, the minister praised Stihl's outstanding commitment in the areas of business and the community.

STIHL®Timbersports® Series European Championships in Waiblingen

The STIHL® Timbersports® Series European Championships were held at STIHL's headquarters in Waiblingen on August 25 and 26. Some 11,000 spectators watched the exciting events. Dirk Braun from Germany was crowned European champion, while Switzerland won the team title.

STIHL secures jobs in Germany

On October 5, the executive board and central works council of ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG reached a consensus on extending the company internal agreement on job and location security up to December 31, 2009. This strengthens STIHL's competitiveness and creates a fundamental prerequisite for securing jobs and training places in Germany.


Chainsaw MS 441 - more power, lower fuel consumption

The environmentally friendly 2-MIX engine with stratified charging increases the power while at the same time reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Long-life air filter system for longer filter life.

Axial blower BG-KM - a powerful air broom for the KombiSystem

Modern jet engine technology influenced the development of the STIHL axial principle. It gives this KombiTool - one of a series of ten - outstanding power for a handheld blower.

Cut-off saw TS 410 / TS 420 - perfectly balanced

Low weight, high power and low fuel consumption due to the 2-Mix engine with stratified charging set new standards. As does the filter life, now extended to 1 year by the long-life air filter system with cyclone air routing..
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STIHL enlarges executive board to five members

Since May 1, 2008, STIHL AG have a five-member. This was decided by the company's supervisory board on April 3, 2008.

STIHL inaugurated new saw chain production facility in Switzerland

The STIHL Group inaugurated its second saw chain plant in Bronschhofen, in the Swiss canton of Sankt Gallen, on October 30. The new multi-storey building is a modern industrial structure equipped with the very latest technology. The investment in the new plant amounts to SFR 160 million. Some 200 new jobs are to be created in Bronschhofen.

STIHL acquires carburetor maker Zama

The STIHL Group took over carburetor manufacturer Zama, i.e. Zama Japan KK and Zama Corporation, Ltd., Hong Kong, on December 31, 2008. Zama is one of the world's largest manufacturers of carburetors for handheld outdoor power tools and a longstanding supplier to STIHL.


Chainsaw MS 211 C-BE - the new entry-level class

2-MIX technology with stratified charging, ErgoStart and quick chain tensioning make this machine exemplary in terms of power, environmental friendliness, ease of operation and handling.
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Cold water high-pressure cleaners RE 108 / RE 118 / RE 128 PLUS - to make cleaning easier

Ergonomic design, improved handling and extensive standard equipment for effortless cleaning of the home, farm, vehicles and leisure equipment.
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Blowers and vacuum shredders BG/SH 56-D and BG/SH 86-D - lots of power in any situation

With the 2-MIX engine with stratified charging these blowers and vacuum shredders not only tidy things up quickly and easily, they are also very environmentally friendly and economical
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Electric blowers and vacuum shredders BGE/SHE 71 and BGE/SHE 81 - quiet, yet powerful

These ultra-quiet electric-powered machines are the ideal alternative when working close to buildings. The 1100 / 1400 W motors clear up effortlessly.
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Signing of agreement on job and location security

The executive board and the general works council reached a decision on July 21 to continue and further develop the company-internal agreement on job and location security up to December 31, 2015. STIHL thus underscored its willingness to guarantee employment and training in Germany in times of economic and financial crisis.

40th anniversary and inauguration of logistics center of sales subsidiary in Dieburg

The STIHL sales subsidiary in Dieburg celebrated ist 40th anniversary and the inauguration of ist new logistics center with 300 guests on September 25. The investment of more than 25 million euros for the new building is the biggest of its kind in the history of STIHL’s German sales subsidiary.

Social Market Economy Prize of Konrad Adenauer Foundation awarded to Hans Peter Stihl and Eva-Mayr Stihl

Hans Peter Stihl and Eva Mayr-Stihl were awarded the Social Market Economy Prize of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in St. Paul’s Church, Frankfurt, on November 11. They received the prize for their accomplishments as innovative, responsible and traditional family entrepreneurs who focus on sustained corporate success.


Akku-Heckenscheren HSA 65 und HSA 85 - neues Produktsegment

Die neuen Heckenscheren STIHL HSA 65 und HSA 85 verbinden dank Akku die Bewegungsfreiheit eines Benzingeräts mit dem niedrigen Geräuschpegel eines Elektrogeräts.
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Sägekette Picco Duro – 4-mal länger scharf

Die weltweit erste hartmetallbestückte Niedrigprofil-Sägekette auf dem Markt bleibt ohne Nachschliff bis zu 4-mal länger scharf. Sie ist zudem deutlich länger haltbar als Standardsägeketten, insbesondere bei hoher Beanspruchung.

FR 480 C-F – erster STIHL Freischneider mit Elektrostart

Komfortabel starten, ohne dass das Gerät vom Rücken genommen werden muss. Als erster STIHL Freischneider ist der rückentragbare FR 480 C-F mit Elektrostart ausgestattet.

MS 441 CM – die erste Profi-Motorsäge mit STIHL M-Tronic elektronischer Vergasersteuerung und Zündung

Das vollelektronische Motormanagement M-Tronic steuert Zündzeitpunktregelung und Kraftstoffdosierung und sorgt für stets optimale Motorleistung in jedem Betriebszustand der Maschine.

New building for STIHL Ukraine

Subsidiary in Kiev (Ukraine) inaugurates new, highly modern sales building in February.

STIHL Spain celebrates anniversary

STIHL Spain celebrates 25th company anniversary with a gala in Madrid in May.

25-year success story
Employee capital participation scheme at STIHL

STIHL’s employee capital participation scheme was introduced 25 years ago and is viewed as a unique success story by STIHL executive board chairman Dr. Bertram Kandziora.

Governor of Virginia visits STIHL in Waiblingen

Robert F. McDonnell, the Governor of the U.S. State of Virginia, visited the STIHL engineering center at its corporate headquarters in Waiblingen on July 23. Virginia Beach is the location of STIHL’s most important and largest manufacturing facility outside Germany.

Hans Peter Stihl honorary citizen of São Leopoldo

The south Brazilian city of São Leopoldo made Hans Peter Stihl an honorary citizen on November 4. The president of the city council said the award was in recognition of all that has been done for society and the environment since the production facility was opened in 1973.


MS 261 – der neue Stammhalter

Die STIHL MS 261 setzt den Stammbaum der STIHL Motorsägen-Familie für professionelles Arbeiten in der Forstwirtschaft erfolgreich fort. Die neue Säge – ideal für Durchforstungsarbeiten, Schwachholzernte und den Holzeinschlag im mittleren Bestand. Der neue Stammhalter tritt das Erbe des Vorgängermodells MS 260 an, das über lange Zeit die weltweit meistverkaufte Profi-Motorsäge für die Forstwirtschaft war.
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SR 430 und SR 450 – Neue Sprühgeräte verbessern Weitenrekord

Die neuen Sprühgeräte STIHL SR 430 und SR 450 mit dem innovativen STIHL 2-MIX-Motor verfügen über eine Reichweite von 14,5 Meter. Damit verbessern sie den Weitenrekord ihrer Vorgänger um fast 3 Meter, das sind mehr als 20 Prozent. Das wirkungsvolle Antivibrationssystem sowie die Bedienung per Einhand-Multifunktionsgriff sorgen für hohen Arbeitskomfort. Das Sprühgerät STIHL SR 450 lässt sich zudem schnell und einfach zum Stäubegerät für pulverförmige Substanzen und Granulat umrüsten.

RE 118 und RE 128 PLUS mit „iF product design award 2010“ ausgezeichnet

Die Kaltwasser-Hochdruckreiniger STIHL RE 118 und RE 128 PLUS mit integrierter Schlauchtrommel wurden mit einer begehrten Auszeichnung prämiert: Für ihr perfektes Zusammenspiel von Produktgestaltung und Funktionalität verlieh ihnen eine internationale Fachjury den „iF product design award 2010“.
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TS 410 A und 420 A mit elektronischer Wassersteuerung

Als erster Hersteller führt STIHL eine elektronische Wassersteuerung zur perfekten Staubbindung bei den Trennschleifern TS 410 A und TS 420 A ein und revolutioniert damit das Trennschleifen mit Wasser.
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STIHL erweitert Akku-Sortiment: Nach Heckenscheren jetzt auch Motorsäge, Motorsensen und Blasgerät mit kabellosem Antrieb

Nach denAkku-Heckenscheren HSA 65 und HSA 85 präsentiert STIHL vier weitere Produkte mit Akkuantrieb. Die Akku-Motorsäge MSA 160 C setzt neue Maßstäbe bei Leistung, technischer Ausstattung und Bedienfreundlichkeit von Akku-Geräten. Im Frühjahr 2011 kommen die beiden Akku-Motorsensen FSA 65 und FSA 85 sowie das Akku-Blasgerät BGA 85 auf den Markt. Durch das STIHL Akku-Baukastensystem können die kraftvollen Akkupacks in der 36 V-Klasse universell in allen STIHL Akku-Geräten sowie den VIKING Akku-Rasenmähern verwendet werden.
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Since 2000 - facts and figures:

Sales 2010

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EUR 2.363,0 million
   EUR 801,2 million

Employees 2010

STIHL founding company



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Ukraine (2002)
Russia (2009)

China, Qingdao (2005)

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