STIHL Carbon Concept Chainsaw

Incredible – not impossible.

STIHL Carbon Concept chain saw
alt text STIHL Carbon Concept chain saw STIHL Carbon Concept chain saw

STIHL is constantly working on testing new technologies and bringing them to market readiness. We are now proud to present the impressive result of the feasibility study for a chain saw – the STIHL Carbon Concept.

This is not merely a study – the STIHL Carbon Concept demonstrates its explosive acceleration and excellent dynamics in actual sawing operation.

The STIHL Carbon Concept will not go into volume production. But the knowledge gained during its development and testing will go into optimizing future STIHL products.

The carbon saw is merely a concept study and not available on the market. All of our production machines, notably our chainsaws, are designed in STIHL's classical orange / light grey colours.

Hitherto unimaginably low power-to-weight ratio

Unique: Chainsaw with electronically controlled fuel injection