STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Champions Trophy 2014 in Budapest

World's toughest lumberjack duel

STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Champions Trophy 2014 in Budapest

Eight athletes, eight nations and four disciplines without a break: the Champions Trophy, in which eight international top athletes will duel with the axe and saw in Hungary on 17 May, sets new standards for excitement and action. Against the backdrop of Buda Castle in Budapest it's man against man in a knock-out system to decide the best of the best in lumber sports.

The opening event in the 2014 STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series on 17 May in Budapest will get the axes and saws red-hot in the toughest contest to be held in lumber sports worldwide. Out of the eight elite competitors, the world's supreme competitive lumberjack will be crowned in the Lions Court in Budapest's Buda Castle, in the second trophy in history.

Lose once and you're out
In the Champions Trophy the athletes will compete head to head in four out of the total of six STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® disciplines. All four disciplines have to be completed one after the other directly, without a break. Top times of one minute for all four disciplines are possible. It starts with the chainsaw discipline Stock Saw, followed by the axe discipline Underhand Chop. Next comes Single Buck, using a single man cross-cut saw about two meters long. Lastly, the athletes have to show what they are made of once more in the Standing Block Chop, which simulates felling a tree with an axe. A hundredth of a second can make the difference! The seamless transition from one discipline to the next demands the utmost stamina, precision and tactics and pushes the athletes to their absolute limit.

All four disciplines play out one right after the other with two athletes facing off against each other in the quarter-finals, semi-finals, third-place finals and finals. Anyone defeated in the head-to-head competition is eliminated with no second chance. Suspense is guaranteed, as the Champions Trophy compresses the competition into a mere 1½ hours. Back in March 2011 the first Trophy, held at St. Johann in Tyrol, Austria, saw a spectacular competition and an enthusiastic crowd in a breathtaking setting in the heart of
the skiing area.

The world's very best lumber sport competitors
The top-class field on 17 May is based on the 2013 World Championship ranking and
comprises: World Champion Brad Delosa (Australia), Matthew Cogar (USA), Martin
Komárek (Czech Republic), Jason Wynyard (New Zealand), Mitch Hewitt (Canada),
Daniel Vicente (Spain), Krystian Kaczmarek (Poland) and István Juhász (Hungary).

The Champions Trophy is the world's hardest lumber sport competition. It will be incredibly difficult to hold one's own there against the very best athletes in the world.