Team Australia take Gold at the 2014 STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series World Championships!

On 14th November 2014 the Aussie team took on the world at the Olympia Hall in Innsbruck Austria, and won!

The team of five chopped their way through the competition in the team relay event getting faster and faster as the rounds progressed. Team Captain Brad Delosa (NSW) had a selection nightmare with all team members firing on all cylinders in the early rounds, but when the finals came around he selected Himself on the Stock Saw, Brent Rees (WA) on the underhand, Laurence O'Toole (VIC) on the Singlebuck and Dale Beams (TAS) to ring it home with the standing block, leaving rookie Brayden Meyer (VIC) unfortunately on the sidelines, but with valuable experience gained for future championships

Route to the Final:

Time trial: Australia [1:04.54] - Rank 2 (Delosa, Meyer, O'Toole, Beams)
1st Round: Australia [1:07.14] Austria [1:23.57] (Meyer, Rees, O'Toole, Delosa)
Quarter Final: Germany [1:12.09] Australia [56.54] (Delosa, Rees, O'Toole, Beams)
Semi Final: USA [56.57] Australia [55.79] (Delosa, Rees, O'Toole, Beams)
Grand Final: Canada [57.91] Australia [56.80] (Delosa, Rees, O'Toole, Beams)

The Grand Final against Canada was a rollercoaster of a battle, both teams finished equal on the stock saw but then power house Rees demolished the underhand with a 5 and 7 combo (front and back) in what is thought to be a world record time, Laurence O'Toole then seemed to stutter slightly on the singlebuck, which is not his best discipline, after sawing perfectly in the previous two rounds against Germany and USA. This left Canada ahead as the teams started the final discipline, the standing block. Enter Dale Beams, the standing block specialist, Dale was 2 hits behind when he started but smashed out an amazing 8 and 6 combo to beat Canada by a hit and a half with a time of 56.80 secs. The gold was Australia's and the trophy was going to make the 22 hour journey back down under for the second time in its history.

STIHL Australia will be launching a national STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® series in 2015, keep up-to-date with the latest developments by following us on Facebook and Twitter. More information to come soon!