The New FSA 90 range, Cordless power for mowing and trimming.

The new FSA 90 range

The STIHL FSA 90 brushcutter offers flexibility in the choice of handle system and cutting attachment.

Professionals now have a new, powerful yet quiet option for landscape maintenance. The FSA 90 brushcutter is STIHL's latest addition to its versatile cordless system. The first cordless brushcutter in the STIHL product line, it is equipped with a bike handle and can be operated with either a mowing line or a grass-cutting blade. The new machine is thus eminently suitable for light mowing jobs in noise-sensitive urban areas, such as hospital grounds and cemeteries. The FSA 90 is also ideal for maintaining traffic islands, playing fields and sports club grounds as well as residential complexes and public spaces like beer gardens. The ergonomically shaped bike handle can be adjusted without tools and is designed to facilitate the customary scything motion.

STIHL also offers the FSA 90 R version for users who prefer a loop handle instead of the bike handle. The loop handle is best suited to jobs like neatening things up under hedges, along paths and steps and around trees, rather than mowing. Both versions are fitted with the innovative ECOSPEED function, implemented for the first time on cordless brushcutters. This allows the user to set the working speed precisely for the particular job. Battery running time can thus be doubled in part throttle operation, operating noise is further reduced and the catapulting tendency of the cutting attachment is lessened.

More cutting attachments for a broader spectrum of applications

The FSA 90 is the first brushcutter in the STIHL cordless system that allows the operator to use another cutting attachment as an alternative to a mowing line. The two-bladed GSB 260-2 grass cutting blade recently developed by STIHL has a diameter of 260 mm and an eight-sided finish for rapid progress on mowing jobs. The proven AutoCut 25-2 mowing line with its 380 mm swath is the tool of choice when working under hedges and along walls or steps.

Powerful as well as pleasant to use

This machine is both lightweight and powerful. The STIHL FSA 90 weighs only 3.2 kg (without battery). Impressive features of the new cordless brushcutter include the high power delivered by the direct drive to the cutting attachment and the brushless, electronically controlled electric motor (EC) developed by STIHL. The EC motor is characterized by outstanding efficiency and is mechanically virtually wear-free in operation. For professionals in municipal parks departments, horticulture and landscape maintenance, the FSA 90 is the ideal tool for their daily work. As well as its low weight, other benefits include the emission-free power unit and low operating noise. One other feature designed for operator comfort is that ear defenders are not needed.

Coordinated with the STIHL cordless system

As part of the cordless system, the FSA 90 can be combined with any STIHL batteries. A running time of about 30 minutes is possible when operating the brushcutter at full speed with the AP 180 battery, using the grass-cutting blade. The backpack AR 900 battery extends the working time to up to 2½ hours. Operating at a lower speed in ECOSPEED mode nearly doubles the running time per battery charge.

Cordless brushcutter

Battery technology Lithium ion Lithium ion
STIHL FSA 90 with AP 180 battery STIHL FSA 90 R with AP 180 battery
Motor principle EC motor, brushless EC motor, brushless
AP 180 battery running time (minutes) Mowing, without/with ECOSPEED 30 / 60 21 / 25
Battery charging time AP 180 with AL 300 quick charger (minutes) 100% / 80% 70 / 40 70 / 40
Weight without (with) battery (kg)* 3.2 (4.9) 2.8 (4.5)
Sound pressure level (dB(A))** 78 78
Sound power level (dB(A))** 89 91
Handle system Bike handle Loop handle (R)
Vibration measurement right/left (m/s2)*** 0.7 / 1.2 3.5 / 5.0
Standard cutting attachment GSB 260-2Grass cutting blade AutoCut 25-2Mowing head

* Without battery; ** K-factor according to Directive 2006/42/EC = 2.5 dB(A); *** K-factor according to Directive 2006/42/EC = 2 m/s²