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AK Chainsaws

AK Chainsaws

For Medium to Larger Sized Gardens

Legendary chainsaw technology meets a contemporary battery user experience: The easy-to-handle MSA models are compact, powerful (36V), lightweight and extremely quiet. This is the result of 90 years of STIHL experience in development and application, and understanding of needs around the home and garden.

Model Rated voltage ­V Weight ­kg Price
MSA 60 C-B Skin Only 36 2.9 1) $399.00*
MSA 60 C-B Kit 36 2.9 1) $499.00*
MSA 70 C-B Skin Only 36 2.9 1) $499.00*
MSA 70 C-B Kit 36 2.9 1) $679.00*
MSA 120 C-B Skin Only 36 2.7 2) $399.00*
MSA 120 C-B Kit 36 2.5 2) $499.00*
MSA 140 C-B Skin Only 36 2.7 2) $499.00*
MSA 140 C-B Kit 36 2.7 2) $679.00*
1) Without battery, with guide bar and saw chain 2) Without battery, with bar and chain

*Prices are valid from the 15/11/2023 to 24/12/2023.
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