Cut-off Machine Accessories


Power Source
Diamond cutting wheel - Concrete (B)
Diamond cutting wheel - Concrete (B)Diamond cutting Discs
Heavy-duty diamond cutting wheel for concrete and other building materials
Diamond cutting wheel - Concrete / Asphalt (BA)
Diamond cutting wheel - Concrete / Asphalt (BA)Diamond cutting Discs
All-purpose diamond cutting wheel for concrete and asphalt
ADVANCE X-SHELL JacketJackets and Shirts
Warm work jacket, perfect for autumn and winter use
Gesichts-/Gehörschutz kurz, Nylongitter
Mesh Shield with EarmuffsFace, Ear and Head Protection
Comfortable ear protection and nylon mesh face protection set
Diamond cutting wheelDiamond cutting Discs
Tough, powerful diamond cutting wheel for pipework construction
Abrasive cutting wheel - SteelSynthetic Resin Cutting Discs
Extremely heavy-duty composite resin cutting wheel for steel
Kunstharz-Trennschleifscheibe, Asphalt
Abrasive cutting wheel - Asphalt/Ductile cast ironSynthetic Resin Cutting Discs
Special composite resin cutting wheel for asphalt and ductile cast iron pipe
Kunstharz-Trennschleifscheibe Stein
Abrasive cutting wheel - StoneSynthetic Resin Cutting Discs
All-purpose composite resin cutting wheel for construction work
Führungskralle Gesteinschneider
Guide ClawMiscellaneous
Hardened steel guide claw for GS 461 concrete cutter
Quick-mounting system conversion kit
Quick-mounting system conversion kitMiscellaneous
Heavy-duty conversion kit for cut-off machine cart
DuroFlex weatherproof jacket
DuroFlex weatherproof jacketJackets and Shirts
Weatherproof jacket for working in adverse weather conditions
Function universal trousers
Trousers FUNCTION UniversalPants
Hard-wearing work trousers for forestry work
AR 2000 L
AR 2000 L Backpack BatteryBatteries and Chargers
Backpack lithium-ion battery for extended working hours
AR 3000 L
AR 3000 L Battery Set (ex. carrying system)Batteries and Chargers
Compatible with all STIHL cordless power tools in the PRO system
Tragsystem AR
AR L Carrying SystemBatteries and Chargers
Carrying system for tool-free attachment of AR 2000 L and AR 3000 L batteries
AP 500 S
AP 500 S BatteryBatteries and Chargers
Increased number of charging cycles thanks to power laminate technology
Pressurised water container
Pressurised water containerMiscellaneous
Robust pressure tank for mobile water supply to cut-off machine
Safety glasses entry level, clear
Safety glasses entry level, clearEye Protection
AL 301-4, Mehrfachladegerät
AL 301-4 - High-speed chargerBatteries and Chargers
View all charging statuses at the touch of a button
AL 500 battery charger
AL 500 Super ChargerBatteries and Chargers
Suitable for all STIHL AK, AP and AR batteries
Harness for battery belt
Harness for Battery BeltBatteries and Chargers
Distributes weight to hips and shoulders
AR 2000 L
AR 2000 L Battery Set (ex. carrying system)Batteries and Chargers
Backpack lithium-ion battery in a set with adapter AP and connecting cable
AR 3000 L Backpack Battery
AR 3000 L Backpack BatteryBatteries and Chargers
Backpack lithium-ion battery for extended working hours
Abrasive cutting wheel - steel for TSA 230
Abrasive cutting wheel - steel for TSA 230Synthetic Resin Cutting Discs
Composite resin cutting wheels for structural steel and metal profiles
Depth limiter with vacuum attachment
Depth limiter with vacuum attachmentMiscellaneous
Practical depth stop with vacuum support for cut-off machine
Wheel kit
Wheel kitMiscellaneous
Practical wheel set for cut-off machines
Cutting direction indicator
Cutting direction indicatorMiscellaneous
Reliable cutting direction indicator for cut-off machine carts
ADVANCE X-Light Trousers
ADVANCE X-Light TrousersPants
Very lightweight work trousers for forestry work
ADVANCE X-FLEX TrousersPants
Very lightweight and breathable trousers for forestry work
ADVANCE X-Vent HelmetFace, Ear and Head Protection
Complete set with ear protection, face protection, and sturdy helmet shell
Gesichts-/Gehörschutz, kurz, Kunstststoffscheibe
Polycarb ShieldFace, Ear and Head Protection
Comfortable ear protection and plastic visor face protection set
FUNCTION Universal Arbeitshandschuh Schweinsleder
FUNCTION UniversalHand Protection
Cowskin-leather work gloves with canvas backing
FUNCTION DuroGripHand Protection
Comfortable with elasticated cuff and snug fit
DYNAMIC DuroHand Protection
Extremely durable protective gloves
DYNAMIC SensoLight
DYNAMIC SensoLightHand Protection
Excellent grip for work that requires a steady hand
AP 300 S
AP 300 S BatteryBatteries and Chargers
Powerful and durable lithium-ion battery
AP 300
AP 300 BatteryBatteries and Chargers
Powerful and durable lithium-ion battery
Brass Blade Spacer
Brass Blade SpacerMiscellaneous
For professionals in construction
FUNCTION Basic Helmet SetFace, Ear and Head Protection
For demanding private users and professionals
AP 200
AP 200 BatteryBatteries and Chargers
Powerful and durable lithium-ion battery
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Optimally matched cut-off wheels, mobile water supply or a guide carriage for longer cutting distances: With our accessories for cut-off machines, you can expand the range of applications and make your work easier.


If you want to achieve the best possible result in house or road construction, as well as in gardening and landscaping, you are always in the right place with a STIHL petrol or battery cut-off machine and suitable accessories. We offer the optimal complements for your machine. This allows you to keep everything in good condition and make your cutting work even more precise and pleasant.



For example, if you want to make accurate cuts over long distances when building roads, the right accessories make all the difference. This allows you to make very long cuts in the asphalt with millimetre precision with our guide carriage. The guide carriage with conversion kit including quick-clamping system transforms your hand-held cut-off grinder into a sliding cutting machine in no time at all, which you can navigate precisely with minimal effort. An optional cutting direction indicator for the carriage makes it even easier for you to stay on course at all times. In order to keep dust formation as low as possible, you can also attach a water container to your tool as an attachment kit. In this way, the interface is continuously moistened and the amount of dust is noticeably reduced. Another handy accessory for our high-performance cut-off grinders is a wheelset with smooth-running rollers, which is available for most models. You can attach this conversion kit to the front stand and then support your cut-off grinder on flat surfaces and guide it particularly easily.


The STIHL depth stop for your battery cut-off machine allows you to set the desired cutting depth precisely and continuously. In addition, the depth stop is equipped with a suction nozzle directly on the cut-off wheel. This means that you can easily cut mineral components even indoors with your battery cut-off machine – without any water supply, but still without a lot of dust.


The full performance of your cut-off machine can only unfold if the quality and quality of the cut-off wheel are also right. In addition, you should always make sure that the winded disc fits perfectly to the material you want to process. In our assortment you will find high-quality diamond cut-off wheels for concrete, asphalt and natural stone as well as synthetic resin cut-off wheels for structural steel, asphalt, ductile casting and rock. STIHL cut-off grinding wheels are tailored to our tools and score points with their long service life and high cutting performance for each of your applications.

With the right cut-off wheel, you always have the ideal device for your individual working conditions and can professionally separate all your building materials.