Mistblower and Sprayer Accessories


User Type
Power Source
Service Kit - BR 350 / BR 450 / SR 450
Service Kit - BR 350 / BR 450 / SR 450Service Kits
Control Valve 2.0 bar
Control Valve 2.0 barNozzles
Valves keep the pressure constant, with deviation of ± 10%
Herbicide Spray Bell & Nozzle
Herbicide Spray Bell & NozzleMiscellaneous
Less drift when spraying as the application area is kept to a minimum
Hüftgurt mit Holster
Lap belt for SGA 85Belts
For the STIHL SGA 85 battery sprayer
Extension tube
Extension Tube 50 cmExtension Tubes
Extension hose with fan jet nozzle
Extension tube
Extension Tube 15 cmExtension Tubes
Extension hose with fan jet nozzle
Wide brass spray bar
Wide spray booms brass 100 cmExtension Tubes
Wide spray bar with three fan jet nozzles, made from hardwearing brass
Telescopic tube
Telescopic LanceExtension Tubes
Practical, infinitely variable extendable telescopic tubes
Nozzle holder
Sprayer nozzle holderNozzles
Allows other nozzle variants to be fitted easily
Set of Nozzles SG 20
Set of NozzlesNozzles
Complete set for STIHL sprayers, consists of 4 nozzles
Fan jet brass nozzle 65-0025
Fan nozzle brass 65-0025Nozzles
Fan jet nozzle with small calibre and low throughput
Fan jet brass nozzle
Fan nozzle brass 80-04Nozzles
Fan jet nozzle with large calibre for application across a large area
Gabeldüse SG 31, SG 51, SG 71
Split NozzlesNozzles
Doubles the spraying area with an infinitely adjustable nozzle direction
Hollow brass cone nozzle, 2.5 mm
Brass hollow cone nozzle 2.5 mmNozzles
Special large-calibre nozzle for high throughput
Adjustable brass nozzle
Adjustable nozzle brassNozzles
Adjustable brass nozzle for adjusting the spray pattern from hollow cone to full jet
Fine filter 100 M
Fine filter 100 M for shut off valveMiscellaneous
Fine filter for the shut-off valve
Spritzschirm für SG 31
Spray guard for SG 31, SG 51 and SG 71Miscellaneous
Less drift when spraying as the application area is kept to a minimum
Safety glasses entry level, clear
Safety glasses entry level, clearEye Protection
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With our comprehensive range of accessories for sprayers, you can use your equipment in an even more versatile and convenient way – in your garden, in a vineyard or wherever you need it.


Protect the growth of shrubs, flowers, fruit or vegetables with a STIHL sprayer. All models can be adapted to your individual needs with suitable accessories. Whether you're an occasional user or a professional, STIHL sprayers and sprayers give you an even broader range of options and more flexible equipment.


In order to use your crop protection sprayer equally effectively in every work situation, there are nozzles that are particularly suitable for every type of plant and for every type of application. With our extensive range of nozzles, you can optimize the spray pattern and flow volumefor your specific needs in no time at all. Please note that a nozzle holder is required for mounting on the larger manual sprayers. Choose between the following nozzle types:

  • Flat jet nozzles (ideal for surface treatment)

  • Hollow cone nozzles (for precise inserts on individual plants)

  • Full cone nozzle (for particularly fine dosing)

  • Adjustable nozzle (from fine spray pattern to full jet)

  • Fork nozzle (for larger areas or two beds at the same time)

For the quick application of crop protection products and if you want to cover a large area in a short time, the wide spray bar, which is equipped with three flat jet nozzles, is ideal. Our practical extension and telescopic tubes allow for additional reach and an extension of your working area. This allows you to get to those hard-to-reach places easily and has the necessary precision even at a distance. The special STIHL pressure valves ensure the right pressure at all times. The spray screen is also immensely useful. This practical accessory minimises the surface area of the wind when applying the spray and reduces drift.


We also offer accessories for your pressure sprayers that further increase your comfort and the efficiency of your work. The pressure pump attachment kit increases the application rate and provides more range when spraying. In this process, the liquid inside is mixed by the additional pressure build-up. All this makes the pressure pump attachment kit an ideal accessory for efficient use on medium-high and tall trees. This is matched by an extension for the spray pipe. Wherever you need precision and the finest atomization instead of maximum performance and range, the STIHL ULV nozzles score points. The ultra-low-volume (ULV) nozzles atomize the spray very finely and enable a particularly economical application of active ingredients. This is not only good for you, but also good for the environment. A well-thought-out waist belt ensures optimised carrying comfort and relieves your back when you are out and about in difficult terrain, for example, with a powerful, backpack-portable pressure sprayer with a large-volume spray tank. This way, you can protect your strength and back muscles even during heavy work.


If you use sprayers or sprayers, you must wear the protective equipment recommended in the instruction manual. Especially important for the operation of these devices is accessories to protect the hands, eyes and respiratory tract. Our waterproof protective gloves with a closed waistband, a helmet set with neck rain protection and STIHL safety goggles or alternatively a face shield with a plastic lens are particularly suitable for working with sprays. The accessories for sprayers and sprayers thus ensure effective and protected work.