STIHL technology. For working with nature.

STIHL technology has been designed with the end user in mind.  Find out more about STIHL systems and technology as well as innovative product accessories.

STIHL systems and technology 

STIHL technology is under constant development and offers tested innovation of the highest quality – whether in starting systems, engines or batteries.  

A person with a smartphone looking at a chainsaw in the STIHL connected App

Digital solutions for your business

Working in nature doesn't need to be complex. With the STIHL connected digital working environment, you can efficiently coordinate work processes and power tools. Learn about the technology that powers STIHL products here.
Smart Technology

Innovative product accessories

Whether you're a professional or a home user, STIHL chain and bar systems, mowing lines and blades, as well as cutting wheels, all allow you to complete your work precisely and effectively. 

Battery production AR 3000 L

Behind the scenes at STIHL

We have developed extensive testing procedures to ensure that our products can withstand the toughest working conditions and meet the highest standards. Take a look behind the scenes and find out all about product development and quality assurance at STIHL.
Development and quality

Innovative product developments since 1926

Company founder Andreas Stihl developed his first chainsaw in 1926 with the vision of driving forward and facilitating work in nature.  

Today, an interdisciplinary team of experts works at our development centre to further improve STIHL technologies. More ergonomic, more efficient, more sustainable, and even networked and digital. STIHL technology is inspired by the demands of nature – and the will to give it your all.

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