STIHL cutting discs: precise, robust, all-round reliability

Having the right cut-off discs makes all the difference when using cut-off machines to work with the hardest materials. Find out more here.

A man on a building site working with a STIHL TS 500i cut-off machine

STIHL cutting wheels – cut the hardest materials

Cutting wheels direct the power of the cut-off machine into the material to be cut. There are significant challenges when working with cut-off machines, and the demands placed on these tools are correspondingly high. Our cutting discs meet the highest quality standards so that you can always rely on precise cutting and safe machine operation on construction sites, during roadworks or in rescue operations. This is possible thanks to Innovative production techniques and the optimal coordination of STIHL cutting discs and cut-off machines.

The different types of cutting discs

STIHL cutting discs can be divided into two main categories: abrasive cutting wheels and diamond cutting wheels. Here’s how they differ:

Abrasive cutting wheels

A man using a STIHL TS 500i cut-off machine with an abrasive cutting wheel on a construction site

STIHL abrasive cut-off wheels are made of fibreglass, resin binders and abrasive corundum. These materials are mixed, shaped and fired to produce the finished product. This ensures that the components are optimally bonded. The special treatment of the wheels as well as the triple fibreglass matting ensures flawless stability in later use – even at the highest speeds. Abrasive cutting discs are significantly cheaper than diamond cutting discs, and their strengths lie in machining metals and cast iron pipes in particular.

Diamond cutting discs

STIHL TS 440 cut-off machine with diamond cutting disc in operation

Diamond cutting discs are the all-rounder of cutting wheels and are universally suitable for machining a wide range of materials. Especially when used on natural stone, concrete and asphalt, they make all the difference compared to other disc materials.

The master blade is made of special steel, which is additionally hardened, tempered and pretensioned. This special treatment of the master blade ensures that the disc remains stable and reliable even under heavy loads – and at top speeds of 360 km/h.

The diamonds are not only positioned correctly on the cutting segment of the cutting wheel by means of a high-pressure sintering process, but are also optimally bonded within the segment. Sintering at a high heat creates an extremely durable compound without any gaps, which allows for optimal cutting performance. The finished cutting segment is welded to the master blade. In contrast to directly sintering the discs, this process enables an extremely robust connection, which optimally transfers the power of the cut-off machine to cut even the hardest materials.

STIHL cutting wheels

STIHL cutting wheels are optimally attuned to our cut-off machines – together they guarantee that you can work efficiently, comfortably and safely. Developing the components together allows us to achieve a long service life with fast, precise cutting. The special manufacturing and processing techniques we use to produce our cut-off wheels result in less vibration during cutting and allow the power of the cut-off wheel to be optimally transferred to the material being processed. Our wide selection includes the right cutting wheel for your specific application and working conditions, allowing you to get the most out of your cut-off machine.

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Summary: Cutting discs

  • STIHL cutting discs meet the highest quality standards and are optimised for use with STIHL cut-off machines.

  • The special manufacturing and processing techniques we use to produce our cut-off wheels guarantees that you can work efficiently, ergonomically and safely.

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