Pruners and Shears


Power Source
HSA 26
HSA 26 - AS-SystemHedge Trimmers and Shears
Comes in a set with AS 2 battery and AL 1 standard charger
PG 10
Bypass Secateurs PG 10Pruners and Shears
Entry-level model with coated aluminium body
Bypass FELCO F 6
Bypass Secateurs FELCO F 6Pruners and Shears
Manual shears for fine cutting work
Bypass Pruning Shears PB 11
Bypass Pruning Shears PB 11Pruners and Shears
Highly robust, medium-sized pruning shears
Super TurboCut telescopic saw
PR 40 CT Telescopic SawPruners and Shears
Telescopic rod made from hard chrome-plated carbon steel
Profi secateurs
Bypass Secateurs PG 30Pruners and Shears
Fully forged and corrosion-protected comfort model
Secateur  F8
Bypass Secateurs FELCO F 9Pruners and Shears
Secateurs for cutting thicker branches
Secateur F2
Bypass Secateurs FELCO F 2Pruners and Shears
All-purpose shears for garden and park maintenance
Bypass FELCO F7
Bypass Secateurs FELCO F 7Pruners and Shears
Comfort model with a compact cutting head
Pruning shear F 231
Anvil Shears F 231Pruners and Shears
Excellent power transmission ensures an effective cut
Anvil Secateurs
Anvil Secateurs PG 25Pruners and Shears
Secateurs with a wide range of uses
Bypass Pruning Shears PB 10
Bypass Pruning Shears PB 10Pruners and Shears
Highly robust pruning shears
Bypass Pruning Shears PB 20
Bypass Pruning Shears PB 20Pruners and Shears
Pruning shears with precision-ground steel blade
EXTREME bypass lopping shears
Bypass Thinning Shears PB 30Pruners and Shears
Shears for cutting thick branches
Amboss pruning shears
Anvil Pruning Shears PB 25Pruners and Shears
Trimmer for hard or dead wood
Anvil Pruning Shears PB 35
Anvil Pruning Shears PB 35Pruners and Shears
Trimmer for hard or dead wood
Hedge trimmer
PH 10 Hedge TrimmerPruners and Shears
Trimmer for hard or dead wood
Precision Universal Hook
PR 38 CT Telescopic shaftPruners and Shears
Folding saw PR 16
Pruning SawsPruners and Shears
For quick and precise sawing
Curved blade Pruning SawsPruners and Shears
Pruning saw with curved saw blade
Super Turbocut Telescopic Shaft
Super Turbocut Telescopic ShaftMiscellaneous
Sturdy aluminium tubing for working at height
GTA 26
GTA 26 - AS-SystemPruners and Shears
Individual tool without battery and without charger
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Lightweight battery hedge trimmers and pruners with good cutting performance for trimming twigs and thin branches close to the house, or try our versatile pruner for cutting timber to length and other DIY projects. AS 10.8V