Wet and Dry Vacuum Accessories


User Type
Power Source
Waste bagFilter Bags
Strong plastic waste bags for SE 133 ME wet and dry vacuum
Coarse dirt nozzle
Coarse Dirt NozzleNozzles
For cleaning companies, industrial use and professionals in workshops.
Combi suction nozzle
Combi Suction NozzleNozzles
For SE 61 to SE 122 E models
Universal suction nozzle
Universal Suction NozzleNozzles
For SE 62–SE 133 ME models
Coarse Dirt Set
Coarse Dirt SetMiscellaneous
Multi-part set for cleaning up coarse dirt and debris
Filter bagFilter Bags
Robust filter bags for STIHL SE 33
Extension tubes
Extension TubesExtension Tubes and Adapters
For cleaning companies, industrial use and professionals in workshops.
SE 33
PET filterFilter Elements
Durable PET filter element
Aluminium Floor Nozzle
Aluminium Floor NozzleNozzles
For SE 62–SE 133 ME models
Wet vacuum nozzle
Wet Vacuum NozzleNozzles
All-purpose wet suction nozzle with a width of 300 mm
Filter Bag
Filter BagFilter Bags
Durable filter bags with handy dust cap
Metal Crevice Nozzle
Metal Crevice NozzleNozzles
Robust metal crevice nozzle with a length of 920 mm
Angled rubber nozzle
Angled Rubber NozzleNozzles
For SE 62–SE 133 ME models
Car Cleaning Set
Car Cleaning SetMiscellaneous
For SE 62–SE 133 ME models
Wet Vacuum Set
Wet Vacuum SetMiscellaneous
Multi-part wet vacuum set for cleaning up liquids
Safety glasses entry level, clear
Safety glasses entry level, clearEye Protection
Filter Bag
Filter BagFilter Bags
Heavy-duty filter bag for STIHL wet and dry vacuum
Filter elements
Filter ElementFilter Elements
Heavy-duty paper filter
Filter Element - Washable PETFilter Elements
Resistant PET fleece filter element
Filter Element - Stainless Steel
Filter Element - Stainless SteelFilter Elements
Durable stainless steel filter element
Crevice Nozzle
Crevice NozzleNozzles
Versatile crevice nozzle with a length of 300 mm
Brush nozzle
Brush NozzleNozzles
Brush nozzle with a length of 230 mm
Dusting Brush
Dusting Brush NozzleNozzles
Dusting brush with a width of 70 mm
Large area floor nozzle
Large Area Floor NozzleNozzles
For SE 62–SE 133 ME models
Universal floor nozzle
Universal Floor NozzleNozzles
Universal floor nozzle with a width of 400 mm
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Quickly and easily adapt your wet and dry vacuum cleaner to the task at hand. This allows you to do all your cleaning work even more effectively.


With STIHL wet vacuum cleaners and dry vacuum cleaners, you can remove wet and dry dirt easily. In next to no time at all, they guarantee clean floors in your home or in your workshop. In addition to our versatile series accessories, we offer a wide range of high-quality accessories for your industrial vacuum cleaner to combat dirt and dust even more effectively. Whether special nozzles, filter elements, replaceable hoses or practical filter bags: Our cleaning solutions are as diverse as dirt.


These special nozzles for wet vacuuming and dry vacuuming have a particularly wide suction. Due to their robust construction and interchangeable inserts, the SE nozzles are ideal for professional use:

  • Universal floor nozzle: Height-adjustable accessory for wet vacuum cleaners and dry vacuum cleaners.

  • Aluminium floor nozzle: Extra robust accessory for dry vacuum cleaners. Removable brush insert for cleaning.

  • Large-capacity floor nozzle: For large floor areas. Height-adjustable nozzle made of aluminum. Available for wet vacuum cleaners with rubber lip insert, for dry vacuum cleaners with brush insert.

  • Combi floor nozzle: For carpets and smooth surfaces with convenient step switching.

  • Wet suction nozzle: Perfect for large areas with rubber lips to absorb liquid.



Special accessories for industrial vacuum cleaners ensure optimal solutions even for sensitive surfaces and fine details. This makes dusting blinds, cleaning boilers or cleaning textiles particularly effective. With our versatile range of accessories for sensitive surfaces and materials, you can adapt the wet vacuum cleaners and dry vacuum cleaners to any surface in no time at all:

  • Suction brush: Rotatable brush for faucets, delicate furniture and keyboards.

  • Radiator suction nozzle: Flat brush attachment for easy dirt removal from radiators and blinds.

  • Plastic crevice tool: Suitable for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

  • Metal crevice tool: Specially designed for cleaning hot objects such as boilers and ovens.

  • Rubber Inclined Tube Nozzle: Eliminates moisture from delicate surfaces.

  • Brush nozzle: Soft bristles for cleaning sensitive surfaces such as upholstered furniture or textiles.

  • The car set includes a wide crevice nozzle, a rubber nozzle and a brush nozzle for upholstery. A suction brush removes dust from the faucets.

  • The wet suction
  • set consists of a particularly durable stainless steel filter screen, a special wet suction nozzle for floors and a rubber inclined tube nozzle.

  • The coarse dirt set with nozzle, two suction pipes and a 1.5 meter long suction hose allows efficient cleaning in construction and craft businesses.


A filter screen made of stainless steel or the filter element made of washable PET fleece is the ideal accessory for you if you work regularly and for longer periods of time with a wet vacuum cleaner. As an accessory for your dry vacuum cleaner, you can retrofit a filter made of sturdy paper, which reliably retains even the finest dirt. For built up dust on construction sites or in workshops, we offer stable, tear-resistant filter bags in which the vacuumed dirt is safely stored at all times.


When working with an angle grinder or rock cutter, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort by vacuuming up any dirt that arises. For this purpose, we offer you an adapter with which your power tool with extraction option can be quickly and easily connected to the suction hose of your STIHL industrial vacuum cleaner.