STIHL Battery Technology: Benefits for every area of application

Whether in your own garden or for professional use in nature – with STIHL battery technology, you are prepared for any challenge. STIHL battery power tools are quiet, powerful and easy to operate. 

Overview: STIHL battery systems

Close-up of someone wearing black protective gloves, holding the STIHL HLA 66 battery long-reach hedge trimmer and handling the STIHL AP 300 S lithium-ion battery

STIHL lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and durable.

Advantages of lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are used in all STIHL battery power tools  and offer many advantages:

  • Long service life
  • No memory effect
  • Low weight
  • Low self-discharge
A STIHL AS 2 battery charging in a STIHL charger

Battery Life and Charging Times

Learn about the operating times, per battery charge for different STIHL battery power tools, as well as the charging times of our different batteries.

Battery care with a STIHL AK 10 and AK 20 battery in a tool shed

Battery Care

People say a lot of things about batteries, but many of their stories are no longer relevant. We tell you what you need to know about battery care.

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A gardening and landscaping team with STIHL professional battery power tools walking along a street.

AP-System power tools are perfect for professional use.

STIHL AP-System: perfect for professional use 

The powerful battery power tools in the STIHL AP-System are highly suited to daily professional use in landscape, garden and tree maintenance.

These power tools are the ideal solution for maximum performance, even in adverse weather conditions.

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