Grass Trimmer and Brushcutter Accessories


Power Source
AutoCut C 4-2 Mowing Head
AutoCut C 4-2 Mowing HeadCutting Tools
Practical two-line mowing head for brushcutters
Mowing head TrimCut
TrimCut Mowing HeadCutting Tools
Two-line mowing head for brushcutters
Engine Oil 10W-30 Grade
Engine Oil 10W-30 GradeFuels, Oils, Lubricants and Cleaning Agents
High-quality four-stroke oil for a wide range of applications
$10.00Price per 100 ml $1.67
FixCut 31-2
FixCut Mowing HeadCutting Tools
Line refill from the outside possible
Gesichts-/Gehörschutz kurz, Nylongitter
Mesh Shield with EarmuffsFace, Ear and Head Protection
Comfortable ear protection and nylon mesh face protection set
AP Battery Carrier
AP Battery CarrierBatteries and Chargers
Battery carrier for professional users in municipal and landscape maintenance
Carbide tipped circular saw blade
Carbide Saw BladeCutting Tools
For FS 511 and FS 561
KSB High-Performance
Chisel Tooth - HP - Circular Saw BladeCutting Tools
For gnarled bushes and thin tree trunks
Scratcher Tooth - Circular Saw Blade
Scratcher Tooth - Circular Saw BladeCutting Tools
Professional circular saw blade for use in sawing and clearing work
AutoCut mowing head (2-line)
AutoCut Mowing HeadCutting Tools
Practical two-line mowing head for brushcutters
AutoCut 56-2
AutoCut Mowing Head (2.7/3.0/3.3)Cutting Tools
Practical two-line mowing head for brushcutters
TrimCut C 32-2
TrimCut Mowing Head C 32-2Cutting Tools
Two-line mowing heads for mowing around obstacles
Mowing Line - Pre-Cut and Rolls
Mowing Line - Pre-Cut and RollsMowing Lines
Mowing line for trimming edges and cutting grass
$10.00undefined $0.05
Mähfaden rund und leise
Roand and quiet mowing line (Roller)Mowing Lines
Mowing line for working in noise-sensitive environments
$10.00Grundpreis pro 10 cm $0.07
Service Kit 24
Service Kit 24Service Kits
For STIHL FC 55, FS 38, FS 45, FS 46, FS 55, HL 45 and KM 55
Service Kit 30
Service Kit 30Service Kits
For STIHL FC 91/96/111, FS 89/91/111, HT 102/103 and KM 91/111
Chest strap ADVANCE
Chest strap ADVANCEHarnesses and Belts
For BR 200, 350, 430, 450, 500, 600 and 700
Forestry Harness ADVANCE X-TREE
Forestry Harness ADVANCE X-TREEHarnesses and Belts
High-tech harness for forestry work with circular saw blades
Upgrade Kit GrassCut 250-32
Upgrade Kit: GrassCut 250-32Specialty Accessories
For converting brushcutters and clearing saws with nylon mowing head
DuroCut Wear Plate
DuroCut Wear PlateSpecialty Accessories
Robust wear and tear protection for 20-2 DuroCut mowing head
Gürteltasche AP
AP holster with connecting cableBatteries and Chargers
Can be combined with the carrying system and the battery belt with harness
AR 2000 L
AR 2000 L Backpack BatteryBatteries and Chargers
Backpack lithium-ion battery for extended working hours
AR 3000 L
AR 3000 L Battery Set (ex. carrying system)Batteries and Chargers
Compatible with all STIHL cordless power tools in the PRO system
Tragsystem AR
AR L Carrying SystemBatteries and Chargers
Carrying system for tool-free attachment of AR 2000 L and AR 3000 L batteries
AK 20
AK 20 BatteryBatteries and Chargers
Lightweight lithium-ion battery
Grasschneideblatt, 4 Schneiden
Grass Cutting Blade (4 F)Cutting Tools
Reversible blade for long periods of uninterrupted use
Grass Cutting Blade (8 Z)Cutting Tools
AutoCut C 26-2
AutoCut Mowing Head - C 26-2Cutting Tools
Mows quickly and efficiently
Mähkopf DuroCut 20-2
DuroCut Mowing Head 20-2Cutting Tools
For clearing work in large areas of tough grass
DuroCut 5-2
DuroCut Mowing HeadCutting Tools
For clearing work in large areas of tough grass
PolyCut Mowing Head 2-2
PolyCut Mowing Head 2-2Cutting Tools
Change blades with no need for tools
Advance Forestry Harness
Advance Forestry HarnessHarnesses and Belts
Lightweight harness for forestry work with circular saw blades
Harness Double ShoulderHarnesses and Belts
Comfortable double shoulder harness for extended working with a brushcutter
Advance Plus Harness
Advance Plus HarnessHarnesses and Belts
For FS 50-FS 560, FSA 90, and FSA 130
AP 500 S
AP 500 S BatteryBatteries and Chargers
Increased number of charging cycles thanks to power laminate technology
Adapter AP
Adapter APBatteries and Chargers
Power supplied via the AP holster with connecting cable
Safety glasses entry level, clear
Safety glasses entry level, clearEye Protection
Braces FS Protect PantsMiscellaneous
Length 130 cm, width 4 cm
AK 30
AK 30 BatteryBatteries and Chargers
Lithium-ion battery with long battery life
AL 301-4, Mehrfachladegerät
AL 301-4 - High-speed chargerBatteries and Chargers
View all charging statuses at the touch of a button
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