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STIHL Garden Tools provide handy assistance to your power tool and are ideal for giving finishing touches to your perfectly maintained garden.

Model Price
Belt Pouch $34.00*
FELCO F2 Classic Secateurs $113.00*
FELCO F6 Compact Secateurs $113.00*
FELCO Ergonmic Secateurs F8 & F9 (for left-handed users) $113.00*
FELCO Revolving Handle Secateurs F7, F10 (for left-handed users) $143.00*
FELCO F231 Large Loppers $337.00*
Secateurs - Alloy Frame $25.00*
Secateurs - Universal $56.00*
Secateurs - Professional $92.00*
Secateurs Anvil $61.00*
HANDYCUT Pruning Saw $61.00*
MEGACUT Pruning Saw - Straight $103.00*
MEGACUT Pruning Saw - Curved $148.00*
Bypass Pruning Shears $92.00*
Bypass Pruning Shears $113.00*
DYNAMIC Bypass Pruning Shears $164.00*
EXTREME Bypass Thinning Shears $205.00*
Anvil Pruning Shears $153.00*
DYNAMIC Anvil Pruning Shears $220.00*
Hedge Shears $113.00*

*Prices are valid from the 15/11/2023 to 24/12/2023.
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