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STIHL Forestry Tools

Our range of forestry tools help with the measuring, moving, marking and processing of wood. STIHL offers a wide range of different tools for all forestry work.

Model Price
3-in-1 sharpening tool $29.95*
1926 Forestry Hatchet $132.90*
1926 Forestry Axe $185.60*
1926 Cleaving Axe $223.00*
Forestry Hatchet $55.50*
Forestry Axe $77.30*
Cleaving axes AX 16 CS $126.50*
Cleaving Axe $132.90*
Universal Hatchet $97.40*
Universal Axe $126.50*
Plastic Cleaving axe $175.60*
Pulp hook FP 10 $53.70*
Drag hook FZ 10 $69.00*
Hand Lifting Tongs $74.20*
Felling Lever $136.50*
Cant Hook $238.40*
Aluminium Felling and Cleaving Wedges $58.70*
Aluminium Felling Wedge $21.20*
Aluminium Rotating Splitting Wedge $90.50*
Plastic Wedges $7.30*
Tape Measure Holder $10.50*
Case for Crayon Holder $15.90*
Crayon Holder $15.90*
PRO Marking Crayon $20.30*
Sharpening Stone and Whetstone $23.50*
STIHL Moisture Meter $34.95*
Laser 2-in-1 $136.50*
Tape Measure 15m - Loggers Tape $136.50*
Tape Measure 25m - Loggers Tape $158.30*
ASA 85, tool only $2,499.00*
Replacement blade for ASA 85 $119.00*

*Prices are valid from the 14/09/2020 to 15/11/2020.
STIHL stores are operated as independent businesses. The products described in this website may not be on display or available at each STIHL store. STIHL reserves the right to change pricing at any time without notice.

The version(s) available in each country may differ from the above range and specifications; specific details may be subject to change without notice. Please ask your local STIHL Approved Dealer for further information.