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Care & Clean Kit - RMA / RMI

Care & Clean KIT for iMOW® Robotic Mowers and Lawn Mowers: Efficient and Gentle


The Care & Clean Kit is ideal if you, as the owner of an iMOW® robotic lawnmower or a STIHL lawnmower, value simple and effective cleaning . By regularly caring for the housing, mower and the iMOW® docking station, you support the long service life and performance of these devices.

The STIHL Care & Clean Kit contains all the components required for cleaning and care:

  • 500 ml STIHL & nbsp; Multiclean
  • Cleaning brush with scraper
  • a microfiber cloth

STIHL Multiclean is a specially developed, gentle universal cleaning agent with which you can clean all surfaces made of plastic, metal, rubber or even paint quickly and effectively. It is pH-neutral , NTA-free , removes even stubborn dirt thoroughly and is gentle on the surface . In this way, you can easily and efficiently remove organic pollution such as plant debris, pollen or insects, as well as atmospheric pollution. You can use the STIHL cleaning brush with scraper to remove coarse dirt . Then spray the mower directly with STIHL Multiclean. Ideally, you should use the sprayed STIHL microfiber cloth for the housing or docking station. You can then simply remove loosened dirt and residues of the cleaner with a damp cloth.

We recommend wearing work or protective gloves for cleaning.




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