VIC QF Report: Gillam sneaks through

VIC QF Report: Gillam sneaks through

It wasn't only the Pro Tour that was hotly contested at the weekend, The Victorian State Championship saw the lead change four times throughout the day, ending in victory for Glen Gillam.

A nail bitting final heat of the Hotsaw where an agonising DQ for David Coffey meant that debutant Gillam took the win and advances to the 2017 Pro Tour qualifier in December. Coffey went in to the final heat 2 points clear of Gillam needing a cut better than 10.71 to take 7 points and the victory. But the Hotsaw gods were against Coffey and after numerous attempts he could not get the saw started and received a DQ and zero points.

The youngster Blake Meyer almost stole the day with consistent performances across the board claiming a total of four 2nd places which put him as clubhouse leader, he would have had his fingers crossed for a double DQ in the final Hotsaw heat, but it wasn't to be.

Gillam took 1st place in 4 of the 6 disciplines (Standing Block, Stocksaw, Single Buck and Hotsaw), Coffey winning the remaining two (Springboard and Underhand Chop).

1st - Glen Gillam 41pts
2nd - Blake Meyer 37pts
3rd - David Coffey 35pts
4th - Jarrod Williams 31pts
5th - Bryce Willoughby 20pts
6th - David McIntosh 20pts
7th - Brad Meyer 16pts
8th - John Coffey 11pts