Brad De Losa - round 3 preview

De Losa better prepared for round 3

Round 3 Preview: Brad De Losa

Round 3 see's the 2016 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Championship pass the half way mark and our reporters caught up with Brad De Losa to see how his preparations were going ahead of the round at Ipswich Supercars on 22-24th of July.

Last round in Tasmania you had four first places yet didn't win. What have you got to do to get the top spot?
BRAD: Improve my chopping events. Standing Block and Underhand Chop let me down. It was disappointing. My preparation was pretty poor due to injury so I didn't get to do the training leading into that round. I need to prepare better for those two events.

You broke the Springboard record at the last round, was that a surprise being one of your weaker disciplines?
BRAD: Yes it was a little bit of a surprise. I had trained on the Springboard to get better at it. I was happy to set the record and do a good cut.

You seem to be struggling to place high in the Underhand and Standing Block, what have you been doing to rectify this?
BRAD: More chopping. I've been to Queensland to enter competitions as there are none in New South Wales at the minute.

What are your thoughts on how you have been competing in the competition so far?
BRAD: Reasonably happy. I don't think I've dominated the rounds as I would have liked to. I had a DQ in the Hot Saw that cost me a win and put me in third place. Second round I won the four events but was disappointed not to win. Hopefully I can be more consistent in all disciplines and not have something that lets me down.

How have you been training for Round 3? Have you changed your technique, added anything new to your regime, focused on a particular discipline for instance?
BRAD: More chopping. I've done quite well at the sawing events and in Round 2 it was most noticeable that the chopping let me down. Now I'm injury free I can train more.

How many hours a week are you training?
BRAD: I've increased a little and changed my focus. I don't usually train on the chopping events because the competitions look after that side of things but due to injury I missed some events. I'm training eight to 10 hours per week. I am also doing light weight-training and swimming, as well as chopping and sawing.

What is your biggest concern going into Round 3?
BRAD: I have no major concerns. My preparation has been good; I've got no injuries. I just have to do everything right and be at the top at the end of the day.

Who do you see as your greatest threat?
BRAD: A few guys who are very consistent – Jamie Head, Brayden Meyer and Laurence O'Toole. There are only two points between the top four. So whoever performs consistently in the next few rounds.

What does it mean to you to win the title of Australian Champion?
BRAD: A lot. I'd like to have anther opportunity at the World Championships. I was disappointed last year to miss out by a point. It would be great to represent Australia as the individual and then to win the Champions Trophy for the third time.

What does it mean to you to make it on the Australian team and compete in the World Championship?
BRAD: It's a great honour. It's something I've always aimed to do and it's been very special. It would be great to do it again.

Has anything significant happened outside TIMBERSPORTS happened in your life recently – got married, had a child?
BRAD: No, no time. The hard work pays off!