Brad Delosa World Champion at the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship 2013

STUTTGART, Germany (28 October 2013): Australia's woodchopping prodigy, Brad Delosa has won gold in the internationally acclaimed 2013 STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® World Championships this weekend.

More than 5,000 international spectators turned out at the Porsche-Arena in Stuttgart, Germany, to watch the world's top lumberjack athletes from 14 countries face off for the World Championship title.

Delosa took out three of the six disciplines and maintained a strong lead throughout the event to see him to victory over USA's Matthew Cogar (second place) and Czech Republic's Martin Komarek  (third place).  The STIHL sponsored athlete inherits the esteemed title from friend and five-time STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® World Champion, New Zealander Jason Winyard.

"Today was a dream. I got off to a great start and managed to maintain it throughout the events," said Delosa.

"You dream of this moment when you start out as an athlete and I'll never forget this day."

Hailing from Lithgow in New South Wales, Delosa, 34, was a talented woodchopper from a young age, winning his first competition at just 16. Recognising the champion's axe-wielding talent for what it is, STIHL Australia offered Delosa sponsorship in 2010 and signed him on as a STIHL athlete.

"We knew as soon as we saw him in action that he was going to be a world champion. There was no doubt about it," says STIHL Marketing Manager, Rob Ross. 

"To see one of our own take out first place at this world-class event makes us extremely proud."

Delosa also took to the podium on Friday with his Australian teammates who won third place in the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Team World Championships relay event. The team of four battled it out against 23 countries, to finish in third position behind New Zealand and USA.



Lithgow, NSW, Australia.

Blackheath, NSW, Australia.


Fitter/Machinist, Delta Electricity

Age of First Competition:
16 years old

Representative Teams:
New South Wales and Australian.

State Titles:

Australian Titles:

World Titles:

Most Rewarding Woodchopping Moment:
Winning the 15" Standing Block World Championship at Sydney Royal Easter Show

Highest Overall Placing in Stihl Timbersports Series:
2nd Place in USA, 2011

Highest Overall Placing in Stihl Timbersports Series World Championships:
1st Place (Gold medal) in Germany, 2013

Interesting Fact:
I am right handed but woodchop left handed