Brayden Meyer - round 3 preview

Meyer sets his sights on regaining Australian Championship

Round 3 Preview: Brayden Meyer

Round 3 see's the 2016 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Championship pass the half way mark and our reporters caught up with Brayden Meyer to see how his preparations were going ahead of the round at Ipswich Supercars on 22-24th of July. 

You took the win in the last round after a bit of controversy in the Hot Saw when you got a re-run. Do you think that was lucky?
BRAYDEN: It was the judges' decision; I couldn't influence it. Yes, it was lucky but it was the right decision.

You've just won the Champions Trophy in Austria. Do you think that will give you an advantage in Round 3?
BRAYDEN: Not really. It's a different concept but still TIMBERSPORTS. Although it might give me a bit more confidence over everyone, we will see.

You broke two Aussie records (Standing Block and Underhand) in Tasmania. Do you think you can break them again?
BRAYDEN: I reckon I could if the wood is right. You never know what you're going to get.

You are equal second on the championship ladder, what have you got to do in the next three rounds to re-claim the Australian title?
BRAYDEN: I've definitely got to win the next three to keep the title.

What are your thoughts on how you have been competing in the competition so far?
BRAYDEN: I'm happy and think I'm going the best I can. I could probably improve in a few events. Stock Saw and Springboard need some work. Going good with the others but can still train and improve.

How have you been training for Round 3? Have you changed your technique, added anything new to your regime, focused on a particular discipline?
BRAYDEN: Still the same training just trying to get quicker and train harder.

How many hours a week are you training?
BRAYDEN: Twelve hours per week, mainly in the evening.

What's your biggest concern going into Round 3?
BRAYDEN: It's anyone's game. I can't control what happens.

Who do you see as your greatest threat?
BRAYDEN: Brad De Losa and Jamie Head. Laurence O'Toole is chopping well.

What did it mean to you to win the title of Australian champion?
BRAYDEN: I was so happy to win, one of my greatest achievements. To win it two years in a row would be fantastic.

What does it mean to you to make it on the Australian team and compete in the World Championship?
BRAYDEN: It'd be very cool to represent Australia again. It's always a thrill to represent your country internationally and compete with your mates. It's a privilege travelling with your mates and doing what you love.

Has anything extraordinary happened in your life outside TIMBERSPORTS – got married, had a child?
BRAYDEN: I've changed jobs, moved to work with the family business but still doing some tree work as well. I am now closer to home. I'm driving a truck all over Victoria and Melbourne, which is a major change.