Double Your Warranty

Double your warranty when you use STIHL HP Ultra Two Stroke oil or STIHL MotoMix.

Double Your Warranty

The 'Double Your Warranty' promotion is designed for you to increase your warranty by a further 2 years.

Your warranty is extended when you purchase a 1 Litre bottle of STIHL HP Ultra Two Stroke oil or a 5 Litre bottle of MotoMix. The product and lubricant must be purchased at the same time. Eligible products only.

The STIHL Standard 'Double Your Warranty' offer is valid on homeowner and landowner petrol powered products (as listed below) only in non-income or commerical producing applications. Cordless and electric powered products do not qualify.


MS 170
MS 171
MS 180
MS 181
MS 181 C-BE
MS 211
MS 211 C-BE
MS 231
MS 231 C-BE
MS 251
MS 251 C-BEQ
MS 251 C-BE

MS 271
MS 291
MS 291 C-BE
MS 311
MS 391


BG 56
SH 56 C-E
BR 200

Grass Trimmers

FS 38
FS 45
FS 45 C-E
FS 50 C-E
FS 55 R-CE
FS 55 C-E
FS 85 R
FS 85

Hedge Trimmers

HS 45 - 450
HS 45 - 600
HS 46 C-E


KM 56 R-CE

Yard Boss
MM 55
MM 56


BT 45