Fuel Cans


With STIHL jerry cans and filling systems, you can refuel your power tools cleanly and safely. This allows you to ensure that the tank is not overfilled during the filling process at all times.


To ensure that you can safely fill and empty your petrol-powered appliances, STIHL offers a wide range of canisters and filling systems. Thanks to the UN approval, STIHL petrol canisters are suitable not only for storing fuels but also for transporting them to the place of use. Various filling systems help you avoid spilling fuel and oil, as well as not overfilling the tank of your petrol-powered device.


Canisters for petrol are available from STIHL in different sizes. Thanks to the outlet pipe that you get with the canister, you ensure that it gets safely into the tank of the device.

With the double tank for fuel and saw chain oil, you are perfectly equipped for working in the garden and forest all year round. The canister combines a larger tank for fuel and a smaller tank for saw chain adhesive oil. Depending on how much fuel and saw chain oil you consume, you will receive the canisters with different capacities.

The combi canister is not only available in different sizes, but also in different configurations. While the outlet pipes are included with every equipment, you can opt for a canister with child-resistant closures. To ensure that you always have your tools and filling systems at hand, there are also double containers equipped with two practical and easy-to-assemble quivers.

Do you mix your own fuel? Depending on the quantity you require, choose the right STIHL measuring cup for preparing fuel mixtures. These are suitable for mixing up to 5 litres or up to 25 litres of fuel, which you can then store in the STIHL canister. For small quantities of up to 1 litre of fuel, use the handy mixing bottle for mixing and filling fuel mixtures.


To ensure safe filling of fuel and chain adhesive oil into the fuel canister or combi canister, use the STIHL filling systems for fuel or chain adhesive oil. When used the fuel and oil will not be spilled. In addition to this, the filling systems prevent you from accidentally overfilling the tank. This now allows for refuelling, decanting and dosing to be done cleanly and safely.


Before the Winter break, you should make sure that you empty the tanks of your petrol-powered appliances. In this way, you avoid problems trying to start your equipment when Spring comes. Empty the fuel into a tight STIHL canister. To remove even the last drop of fuel from the device, let it idle until it goes out on its own. Why is this necessary? The tank and the intake hoses are empty and the sensitive small parts of the carburetor do not stick. Ultimately, this will extend the life of your device.

While the fuel tank should

be emptied before being stored away, you should also ensure that correct filling is done for your machinery: fill the tank of chain adhesive oils for saws as full as possible and make sure that the oil tank of your lawn mower is filled up correctly.