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ADVANCE ProCOM: comfortable and efficient communication

STIHL ADVANCE ProCOM headset acts as both ear protection and a communication tool, tailored specifically to the needs of professionals working in forestry and tree maintenance sectors.
The STIHL ADVANCE ProCOM features an innovative conference system, so you can communicate comfortably and efficiently while working, even in noisy environments, without having to use an additional device.

The smart ear protection enables direct connections with up to 16 headsets with a range of up to 600 metres.

The ADVANCE ProCOM’s good voice quality allows and ensures clear communication, especially during demanding work. Users can hear and speak at the same time making communication efficient and effective. Using Bluetooth® connectivity to a smartphone, users can receive phone calls, listen to music, or use voice assistance.

Please note this is the headband version of the ADVANCE ProCOM ear protection. A retrofitted helmet version is also available.

  • Innovative conferencing system for convenient communication even in noisy environments
  • Connection with smartphone to make phone calls and listen to music
  • Simple operating logic thanks to intelligent button assignment
  • Enables direct connections with up to 16 headsets and a range of up to 600 m
  • Collecting master data with the help of the STIHL Holzliste app
  • The STIHL Holzliste app is available for Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Gehörschutzbügel ADVANCE ProCOM

    Technical details

    Insulating value32 dB
    H value35 dB
    M value29 dB
    L value23 dB
    Weight0.39 kg

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