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Long, angled spray lance for cleaning hard-to-reach areas


By adding the long, angled STIHL spray lance, as a domestic user or cleaning professional using a STIHL high-pressure cleaner, such as the STIHL RE 130 electric high-pressure cleaner, you can benefit from a quickly and easily extended spray lance range. The angled end with nozzle also makes it easier to access hard-to-reach spots, such as behind kerbs or on higher surfaces, and to work more comfortably. You can use a STIHL screw/quick-release coupling adapter to quickly and easily attach the robust, long and angled STIHL spray lance to the existing spray lance of your STIHL electric high-pressure cleaner with quick-release coupling.

The angled, long STIHL spray lance has a length of 1,080 mm.

It is compatible with STIHL RE 90 to STIHL RE 170 PLUS electric high-pressure cleaners.


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