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Technical details

Battery weight9.5 kg
Rated voltage36 V
Energy content1520 W·h 1)
Rated capacity as per IEC 6196041.2 A·h
Rated cell capacity (as per manufacturer data)4.7 A·h

Professional Battery Power at your Fingertips

The STIHL AR 3000 L backpack battery is designed for professional work in horticulture and landscaping, as well as green area maintenance by local authorities and businesses. Its robust battery is ideal for all-day, demanding use in noise-sensitive areas, when you need to work efficiently with energy-intensive STIHL AP-System battery power tools while not putting strain on your back. The STIHL AR 3000 L impresses with a robust and rain-repellent design and 1,520 Wh of power. You need a carrying system to use the STIHL AR 3000 L battery. You can attach the STIHL AR 3000 L battery to the optional, comfortable and ergonomic STIHL AR L carrying system without the use of tools. You can also insert the AR 3000 L battery directly into your STIHL RMA 765 V battery lawn mower instead of an AP battery.

Thanks to the Bluetooth® interface integrated into the housing, you can establish a connection with STIHL connected and manage the battery there like a power tool. This gives you greater clarity in deployment planning. You can also charge a smartphone, for example, via a USB port on the battery housing. Reliable power transmission to battery power tools with a socket is facilitated via the STIHL AR L connecting cable. You can use power tools with a battery slot in conjunction with the STIHL AP battery adapter.

You can charge the STIHL AR 3000 L backpack battery using the STIHL AL quick charger. To charge the AR battery, you need a connecting cable for AR L batteries and a STIHL AP battery adapter. The current charge level of your STIHL AR 3000 L battery is displayed by the charge-level indicator via 6 LEDs.

Our overview of STIHL battery life and charging times shows how long you can work with your STIHL battery power tool and how long the AR 3000 L battery takes to charge.

All battery power tools within the STIHL AP-System have been designed for professional use and daily application, including in adverse weather conditions. With that in mind they are certified as splashproof; the effectiveness of this is also verified through demanding internal checks. The splashwater test meets the IPX4 standard, among others.

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