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AR L carrying system: Back-friendly and effective work

The STIHL AR L carrying system makes work with backpack lithium-ion batteries easier for professionals. You can attach your backpack battery to the STIHL AR L carrying system without a need for tools. The shoulder straps on the STIHL AR L carrying system feature soft padding and three available length settings so you can adjust them to your height. The hip belt is movable, meaning that back-friendly operation is supported by good weight distribution of the backpack battery. The back plate with optimised ventilation makes this tool very comfortable to work with.

Energy transfer to your STIHL battery power tool takes place via a STIHL connecting cable for AR L batteries and optionally via a STIHL AP adapter.

The STIHL AR L carrying system is suitable for STIHL AR 2000 L and STIHL AR 3000 L backpack batteries.
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