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AutoCut 36-2 mowing head: For fast and efficient mowing

The STIHL AutoCut 36-2 mowing head is appreciated for its particularly easy handling and sophisticated technology, both in private and professional settings. The two-line mowing head is compatible with many STIHL brushcutters. Tap to readjust the thread and work quickly and efficiently with it. It can also be easily refilled from the outside .

The STIHL AutoCut 36–2 mowing head is particularly suitable for working on lawn edges, trees, steps and walls. It enables precise and clean clearing work. With its diverse selection of durable mowing lines with diameters from 2.7 mm to 3.3 mm, you are equipped for every application and all local conditions.

The STIHL AutoCut 36-2 can be optimally combined with the following brushcutters and clearing saws from STIHL:

  • FS 89
  • FS 91
  • FS 111
  • FS 131
  • FS 240 C-E
  • FSA 130
  • FSA 135
  • FR 131 T
  • FR 410 C-E
  • FR 460 TC-EM

You can also use the STIHL AutoCut 36-2 with the STIHL FR 480 brushcutter (discontinued).

You can also equip the STIHL FS-KM KombiTool  with the AutoCut 36-2.

Note: Mowing heads may only be used with a special mowing guard or a STIHL universal guard for mowing heads and metal tools.

AutoCut 56-2

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