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Battery box (small) makes for convenient and safe storage or transportation of batteries and chargers.

The STIHL small battery box is ideal for safe and tidy storage or transportation of AP batteries and chargers. Made from robust plastic the battery box is lightweight and sturdy.


Cleverly designed so you can insert your STIHL AP batteries and charger into the moulded tray, which will prevent them from moving around and will protect them from damage in the event of impact.


The boxes external design is just as practical, the front carrying handle of the STIHL battery box S makes it comfortable and ergonomic to carry. The box also features a T-Loc lock, allowing you to quickly open or close the box with one hand. You can also easily stack the boxes and access each box separately, while stacked.


The small STIHL battery box offers space for 2 AP batteries from the STIHL AP system and either a STIHL AL 301  or a STIHL AL 500 battery quick charger.

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