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Bolo Tine MultiTool

The STIHL BK-MM bolo tine makes it easier for professionals and private users to refine soil in the garden. You can use this MultiTool to loosen your soil and crumble lumps of earth. Even compacted soils can be effectively cultivated with the bolo tine. If your lawn is suffering because of compacted, loamy soil, you can also find out how to sand your lawn on our website. The machine can also be used to distribute fine, sandy soil. You can prepare soil for sowing by loosening it using the BK-MM.

The BK-MM bolo tine is particularly suitable for creating rows or for crumbling denser soil layers between free-standing plants. Thanks to its working width of 22 cm, you can also use the device in less accessible places.

You can operate the STIHL BK-MM with the help of the STIHL MM 56 MultiEngine.
  • Bolo tine for STIHL KombiEngines
  • Spreads fine sandy soils or breaks up coarse earth
  • Ideal for tilling rows and for use between free-standing plants
  • Bodenkrümler BK-MM

    Technical details

    Working width220 mm
    Weight2 kg

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