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Brass hollow cone nozzle

Thanks to its large calibre, the STIHL hollow cone nozzle made of brass with a 2.5 mm opening is ideal for applying high flow rates with your STIHL sprayer. Professionals and domestic users alike can successfully use the robust special nozzle with its large opening for liming lawn for example, to neutralise the pH value in the soil. You can use the brass hollow cone nozzle to spray at a spray angle of 65°.

The STIHL brass hollow cone nozzle is compatible with the STIHL SG 21 to STIHL SG 71 sprayers, and with the STIHL SGA 85 battery sprayer.
  • Special large-calibre nozzle for high throughput
  • Optimum spraying pressure reached at 2.0 bar
  • Suitable for STIHL SG 21, SG 31, SG 51, and SG 71 sprayers
  • Hollow brass cone nozzle, 2.5 mm

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