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Special knife for scrub and bushes

The STIHL BrushCut brush knife with 3 blades can be used to thin out or remove tough vegetation, such as matted grass and scrub. It is made of high-quality steel. This means that you can even trim back thorny hedges with this metal cutting tool. The three-bladed BrushCut knife is available in various diameters from 250 mm to 350 mm and in a special version that has a very long service life as it is made from a particularly high-quality alloy. If necessary, you can easily turn the cutting tool. Our video shows you how to mount the STIHL brush knife with 3 blades.

In combination with these STIHL brushcutters or clearing saws, you can achieve optimum results with the STIHL BrushCut 3-bladed brush knife, even on difficult-to-reach terrain:

Diameter 250 mm (item no. 4112 713 4100):

  • FS 89
  • FS 91
  • FS 111
  • FS 131
  • FS 240 C-E
  • FSA 130
  • FSA 135
  • FR 131 T
  • FR 410 C-E
  • FR 460 TC-EM

This special tool can also be combined with the discontinued STIHL FS 80, FS 85 and FR 480 brushcutters and clearing saws.

Diameter 300 mm (item no. 4119 713 4100):

  • FS 260 C-E
  • FS 311
  • FS 360 C-EM
  • FS 361 C-EM
  • FS 410
  • FS 411
  • FS 460
  • FS 461
  • FS 490
  • FS 491 C-EM

Diameter 350 mm (item no. 4110 713 4100) and diameter 350 mm “Special” (item no. 4000 713 4100):

  • FS 561 C-EM

The 350 mm versions are also suitable for the discontinued STIHL FS 510 C-EM and FS 560 C-EM clearing saws.

Note: For your own safety, you may only use this cutting tool with a STIHL universal guard for mowing heads and metal tools.

  • 3-bladed brush knife for forest and landscape maintenance
  • For thick, dry grass and scrub
  • Very robust and durable, designed for demanding applications
  • Reversible blade for long periods of uninterrupted use
  • Dickichtmesser

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