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STIHL Car Cleaning Set

With the STIHL car set for all STIHL wet and dry vacuums, you can thoroughly clean the various surfaces inside vehicles. This allows you to effectively maintain the cleanliness of vehicles in your fleet, customers’ vehicles, or your own car. The multi-part car set consists of:
  • STIHL crevice nozzle: With this 300 mm long nozzle you can easily and conveniently get to even inaccessible spots such as spaces between cushions.
  • STIHL dusting brush nozzle: Thanks to the rotating joint, the nylon bristles reach every corner of your fittings.
  • STIHL brush nozzle: With its fine bristles, this nozzle is ideal for delicate surfaces.
  • Cushion nozzle: The narrow suction opening enables you to clean cushions efficiently and thoroughly.
The individual nozzles in the car set can be quickly and easily attached to the suction tube of your STIHL wet and dry vacuum.
Car Cleaning Set

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