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The STIHL WoodCut circular saw blade made of carbide is the ideal special tool for sawing and clearing work on gnarled bushes and thin tree trunks. This professional saw blade made of carbide is characterised by a longer service life and particularly high robustness. This makes even demanding forestry work easier and more efficient. The STIHL WoodCut saw blade is made of steel, has 32 teeth and a diameter of 225 mm.

In combination with the following matching brushcutters or clearing saws from STIHL, you can cut cleanly through thin trunks and thick bushes:

  • FS 260 C-E
  • FS 360 C-EM
  • FS 361 C-EM
  • FS 410
  • FS 411
  • FS 460
  • FS 461
  • FS 490
  • FS 491 C-EM
  • FS 560 C-EM
  • FS 561 C-EM

You can also use the STIHL WoodCut circular saw blade, carbide, for the STIHL FS 510 C-EM clearing saw (discontinued).

Note: For your own safety, you may only use the carbide WoodCut circular saw blade with a suitable STIHL guard for circular saw blades.

  • For FS 511 and FS 561
  • Circular saw blade for STIHL brushcutters and clearing saws
  • High cutting performance so you can make rapid progress
  • Suitable for maintaining young stands and felling thin trees
  • Circular saw blade with chisel tooth for clean cutting edges
  • Can be easily sharpened with the round file
  • Carbide tipped circular saw blade

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