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Convenient transport and clean storage of your Kombi

This lightweight STIHL carry bag is highly practical, as it is suitable for various STIHL battery power tools. It even has enough space for the STIHL FS-KM and HL-KM KombiEngines with loop handle. Thanks to the extra-large U-shaped opening, putting away and storing your power tools, as well as a battery and a charger, is quick and easy. The bag’s hardwearing material reliably protects your power tools. Two sturdy straps help ensure safe transport.

The carry bag is suitable for the following STIHL tools:
  • KMA 135 R battery KombiEngine
  • HSA 86 battery hedge trimmer
  • BGA 100 battery blower
  • All KombiEngines with a loop handle
It is also suitable for the discontinued HLA 66 battery long-reach hedge trimmer and the BGA 86 battery blower.

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